Roofing Better in 2021

It’s the season of self-improvement, and as the new year begins, we’re handing out some suggestions on how you can set your roofing business up for more success. If you’re planning to start roofing better in 2021 and make it a year of growth for your business, we’ve got three suggestions for you:

  • Be flexible with your sales process
  • Be consistent with your workflows
  • Be organized with your documentation

We’ll dig into each of these improvements, and offer some helpful tips on how you can attain them in this week’s blog.

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Be Flexible With Your Sales Process

We’re hopeful that 2021 sees a return to safe, in-person sales opportunities but if we’ve learned anything from the last year, it’s that sales teams need to be able to pivot in the face of change. If you have a consistent sales process for your team, take a hard look at it and identify areas where you can introduce some flexibility. That might mean giving your team tools, like RoofSnap, that allow them to estimate jobs and complete sales remotely. It might also mean allowing your team to share their jobs with other team members to work together to serve customers faster.

Every company’s sales process looks different. If you need advice on how your team can work more effectively, schedule some time with our team to learn how RoofSnap’s tools can help.

Be Consistent With Your Materials

Delivering quality work consistently is crucial if you want to maintain customer satisfaction and your reputation in your community. If your company is not yet a certified contractor with a certain material supplier, consider seeking a certification. You can carve out a niche in your market for customers looking for that specific product. Some manufacturers offer discounts or other incentives based on the amount of material you purchase from them, others require certified installers in order to honor warranties. 

Whatever shingle your company installs, being consistent with your materials brings benefits to your business. Your crews can install the same system confidently when they’re not working with different materials at every job. Your sales team will also be able to build their estimates more efficiently without juggling multiple products and price points.  

If you’re already installing a specific system, RoofSnap can help your team build consistent estimates with templates that apply a whole suite of materials in a single click! RoofSnap’s team will assist you in uploading your price book and products to your account, where you can build line-item estimates or save templates of the systems you install the most.

Be Organized With Your Documentation

Do you always send your installation crew a copy of the measurement report for the job? Do you insist on creating two copies of a material order, one for your supplier and one for your records? Whatever your documentation process looks like when sending a job to production, consistency is key to a successful business. If you struggled with documentation over the past year, make 2021 the year you get your employees aligned with your company policies and never have to scramble to find paperwork again.

RoofSnap can help you manage and store your documents, as well as brand your paperwork with your company logo. Check out this post to learn more!

Whatever changes you make to your company to start roofing better in 2021, we wish you the best of luck. You can get more insight on any of our suggestions by starting a trial of our software to see our tools in action!


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