A Roofing Estimate Tool You’ll Actually Use

Swap the mind-boggling complex technology for software that gets the job done, without the hassle.  

Excuse our French, but a lot of today’s business software is just way too damn complicated. Some technology has so many bells and whistles that you’re either too overwhelmed to implement into your business, or you’re unable to use the tool effectively. Take roofing estimate tools for example; we’ve seen far too many contractors fall victim to flashy technology that adds more work to their plates and ends up getting tossed aside to collect dust. So, naturally, we made sure to build a tool that does just the opposite; a tool that doesn’t require hours and hours of training, a tool that you’ll actually use. 

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Smart Estimating with RoofSnap 

One of the reasons RoofSnap exists is to make the lives of roofers easier, and we kept that in mind when building our estimating tool. Let us explain: 

Our Estimating Tool Goes Hand-in-Hand with Our Remote Measurement Software:  

For those of you that don’t know, RoofSnap offers remote measuring tools that allow you to obtain your roof measurements without even being on-site. And once you get your measurements through RoofSnap, you can then use our built-in estimation platform to build your bid with your product list. The measurements will be applied to the appropriate products automatically, which means no extra math on your end – a big win.  

RoofSnap Estimates Can Be Quickly Turned into Good, Better, Best Style Estimates 

Consumers love options, but so many estimation platforms either don’t use good, better, best style estimates, or don’t allow you to build multiple bid estimates efficiently. Not RoofSnap though! With RoofSnap’s estimation tool, you can present the homeowner with up to five estimates for side-by-side comparison. And if you use RoofSnap to put together your estimate comparisons, you can easily control what details appear to your customers, like item descriptions, warranty coverages, product life expectancy, and detailed service descriptions. The best part is that when you present options, your average ticket is likely to increase due to customers choosing more expensive options. 

Building an Estimate with RoofSnap Automatically Creates a Material Order  

When you build an estimate with RoofSnap, our platform simultaneously creates a material order for that estimate, enabling you to send your order to your production department or supplier as soon as your roofing contract is signed. This functionality not only makes less work for you, but also means that you can truthfully tell the homeowner that production’s already underway for their project before you leave the appointment!  

To see our estimating tool in action, start a trial of RoofSnap and see how you can build no-fuss estimates with our software.  

Thanks for reading and as always: 

Happy Snapping! 

(Need more general estimating information? Check out our Guide to Estimating a Roofing Job .)

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