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The industry's fastest roof measuring service now offers gutter measurements! Get professional measurements as fast as 30 minutes.

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Fast, accurate, and affordable roof measurement reports are just where we start. RoofSnap is your one-stop shop for all the tools you need to manage and grow your business from anywhere. Now offering gutter measurements!

In addition to our measuring and estimating software features, we offer integrations for creating contracts and so much more.

Measurements Delivered in 30 Minutes or Less!

RoofSnap’s standard measurement is ideal for measuring your standard residential asphalt roof. Receive detailed diagrams and waste calculations, summarized into a single, professional document. Ready to quote and close any roofing job.

Need it faster than the standard 4-hour turn around time?
Rush it and receive your order in less than 30 minutes!

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Introducing RoofSnap’s New Gutter Measurement Solution!
Efficient and Accurate Measurements – Guaranteed!

Boost installation efficiency and ensure accurate planning and material estimation for gutter contractors. With the all-new RoofSnap gutter measurement tool, reports include:

  • Detailed diagrams outlining eave, gutter, and gutter topper measurements
  • Material pins for end caps, miters, and downspout placement suggestions
  • And more!

Receive your detailed report within 4 hours. Need it even quicker? 

Choose our rush order option for delivery in just 30 minutes!

Need multiple metal roof measurements a month? 

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Bid farewell to manual calculations! With RoofSnap’s efficient and instant estimate builder, measurements apply directly to line-items. Putting you in control while saving valuable time.  Offer your customers options and drive sales with good, better, and best choices. Maintain your margins by applying markups or discounts, ensuring profitability on every job.

Act now to learn more about RoofSnap’s subscription and start maximizing your profits! 


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Roofing Software subscription

All the features you need for a faster, more consistent sales process, in a single platform.

 RoofSnap’s roofing software subscription is the roofing contractor’s all-in-one solution for growing and managing their business. Measure roofs, create material orders, and sign contracts from anywhere with our cloud-based software. Learn more

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Accelerate your sales process with lightning-fast measurements.

RoofSnap is the industry’s fastest roof-measuring service. Just input an address, and you’ll have a professional roof report in your inbox in 2 to 4 hours. Need it faster? Rush orders are delivered in as little as 30 minutes! Order now and bid on your next job before the other guys unfold their ladders.

Need multiple roof measurements a month? Subscribe and save on every order. Learn more 


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See what our customers are saying about us!

What an awesome addition to our business. Allows us one place to store, view, and edit bids, as well as, real time correction to bids and updates.

Joseph Lee

Advanced Roofing

RoofSnap is the best program I've come across in my 30+ years in the roofing business. 

Mason Nichols

Summit Roofing

Love the software. Very easy to use. The turn around time on ordering a RoofSnap report is very good.

Miguel Ortiz

Salt Roofing

Great service and great program. At Midwest Roofing we use and rely on RoofSnap for all our residential and commercial roofs for bidding purposes and they are amazing.

Chad Orth

Midwest Roofing

RoofSnap has been great for our business. Their turnaround time is excellent on getting reports. I recommend RoofSnap to any roofing company needing fast and accurate measurements.

Ken Cope

Roof Maxx

Everything you need. Nothing you don't.

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With RoofSnap’s roofing management software subscription, you have all the tools you need to grow your business.

Save time and money with measurement report orders, start-to-finish sales and estimation tools, and a cloud-based mobile app so you can manage your company from anywhere.

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More professional business documents are at your fingertips with RoofSnap.

Whether you want to add your company logo to your documents, include photos and inspection notes to your measurement reports, create contracts, or add better, best options to your estimates, RoofSnap can help you create and deliver professional documents with everything your, crew, and suppliers need.

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With Roofsnap’s roof measurement service, you can order measurements for your roofing projects with or without a subscription and pay less than other providers charge.

RoofSnap’s measurement reports are fast, accurate, and editable, so you’re never waiting on us to add additional details to your estimates.

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Why Measure Remotely?

It all comes down to saving your business time and money, while reducing risk. Removing the need to schedule a site-visit just for measuring saves time and gas, and having measurements ready before your appointment can mean more appointments per day! Remote measurements also mean fewer employees up on roofs, ultimately reducing fall-risk and even insurance rates.

Roofing Made Easy

Thousands of roofing contractors are using RoofSnap to speed up their sales process and bring fast, affordable measurements to their company. Are you ready to join them?

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