Selling Roofs Remotely With RoofSnap – Webinar Recap

If there’s one thing that 2020 has made clear to the roofing industry, it’s that we need to be flexible if we’re going to survive. During the spring, stay-at-home orders in some states presented hurdles to companies trying to continue their vital work serving their communities. Here at RoofSnap, we saw our own operations change in the face of the pandemic. We knew that our customers and partners in the industry would be facing similar challenges. In response, we put together a webinar to demonstrate how RoofSnap’s software can help sell roofs remotely with a low-touch sales process. We’ll recap the webinar’s main points in our post this week, and you can watch the full recording from the link at the end of the blog, enjoy!

Selling Roofs Remotely With RoofSnap

“It all starts with getting measurements…”

We kicked off the webinar by highlighting our two options for obtaining roof measurements. With RoofSnap you can either draw measurements yourself or place an order with our Sketch Ordering Service to have your roof measured for you. Chelsea, one of our Account Executives, discussed how RoofSnap’s tools combine high definition aerial imagery and our state of the art measurement tools to yield accurate results in minutes. In the webinar you’ll learn tips on how best to measure a common two-story roof that our customers encounter every day, like starting on the top floor and working in layers.

We also reviewed the different types of imagery you can use for your measurements, including blueprint and drone imagery. RoofSnap’s measurement tools can handle many different styles of roofs, from large commercial to cut-up residential “monsters” and everything in between.

Complex Architecture that RoofSnap's tools can handle.
RoofSnap can handle a huge variety of the roofs that you encounter day to day.

“If you want us to draw the monstrosity of a roof for you… we’ve got your back”

We also showed how our Sketch Ordering Service, SketchOS, can handle the drawing and measuring process for you! SketchOS gives you more time to focus on other aspects of your business, while still providing accurate measurements and a full RoofSnap project right to your account!

SketchOS measurements are turned around in about 2 to 4 hours.
SketchOS orders are fast, perfect for same-day appointments!

In the webinar, you’ll see how easy it is to place SketchOS orders and you can see the low-cost pricing structure, which can also be found here. Did you know that you can update any RoofSnap measurement project when you conduct an on-site inspection? Whether you need to add or remove structures, or just note roofing penetrations, the software allows you the flexibility to make changes on the fly. You can also use any RoofSnap project to build fast, easy estimates from your measurements!

“Account for true costs to know where every job will come in at and set your desired margin to ensure profitability.”

We wrapped up the webinar by showing the power and simplicity of RoofSnap’s estimation platform. If you’re going to sell roofs remotely, having a flexible estimating tool that can offer customers options in the form of shareable, digital documents is a must. You can also learn how to build an estimate item by item, and how you can save your favorite material lists as templates and apply them to other jobs.

RoofSnap's estimation platform is both robust and easy to use and was on full display in the webinar.
RoofSnap’s estimation platform makes building accurate estimates fast and easy, it only takes a tap!

Finally, we walked through how you can create estimate documents to present homeowners with up to 5 options.  A multi-option estimate can help guide your customers to higher-quality systems or give them lower-priced options if their budget is an issue. RoofSnap’s software also allows you to select the homeowner’s preferred option from the estimate and turn it into a signable contract to complete the job.

We’ve included a link to the webinar recording below, so you can watch the full broadcast including the Q&A section. If you have some questions of your own that you’d like to get answered, schedule a demo with our team and they can walk you through the software during a live screen share. 

Thanks for reading and as always,

Happy Snapping!

Watch the Webinar Recording Here

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