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Beat the competition with our industry-leading measuring and estimating software, tailored for Roofing and Gutter contractors.

streamline your business with a roofsnap subscription

A RoofSnap subscription gets you access to our exclusive measurement ordering services. For gutter and standard roofing measurement tools, along with powerful draw-it-yourself capabilities. Enjoy extra perks and streamline your business with estimating features and professional documents. Ease the friction of doing business so you can focus on serving your customers.

How It Works


Get pre-appointment measurements with RoofSnap’s measurement ordering service. Or use our tools to remotely draw the measurement yourself (DIY).


Create customer-ready estimates in minutes with your company’s products and customizable pricing.


Collect customer signatures in the field via RoofSnap’s mobile apps and send more detailed reporting options — material ordering, labor reports, and commission reports — directly to your supplier.

All the features you need to manage your roofing projects
from start to finish — in one single platform.


We know it takes more than just measurements to sell a roofs and gutters.

the power of a roofsnap subscription

A RoofSnap subscription provides your company with flexible measurement solutions, robust estimate-building tools, and professional, customizable documents to send to customers and suppliers. Unlike other companies that charge an arm and a leg for a single measurement report, RoofSnap’s subscriptions include an affordable ordering service that you can use as needed, as well as DIY tools to save you even more.

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Flexible Measurement Tools

Use our DIY measurement tools to sketch out your gutter or standard roofing project on any device, or leave it to our professionals and order your measurements, included in every RoofSnap subscription*.


High-Definition Aerial Imagery

Access RoofSnap’s extensive imagery coverage across the US and Canada — rural areas included — to improve the accuracy of your gutter or standard roofing measurements and estimates. Or, upload your own drone imagery or blueprints to RoofSnap and sketch out the roof to get your instant measurements.


Efficient Estimate Builder

Deliver an exceptional buying experience to your customers by providing professional estimates with good, better, best options. Avoid extra math by applying your gutter and standard roofing measurements directly to your estimates' line-items, and control your margins for every item and apply markups or discounts on the estimate so that you never lose money on a job.


Professional Business Documents

Create and deliver professional measurement reports, estimates, material orders, and contracts to your customers, crew, and suppliers. Documents can be easily customized to include your company’s logo, and unique contract language then stored in the cloud where they can be instantly accessed from your computer or mobile device.

Choose a plan that works for you

Whatever your measuring and estimating needs are, we have the plan for you.

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Whether you’re an insurance company, technology provider, or roofing and gutter supplier, let’s connect to explore how our partnership can drive mutual success. 

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At Midwest Roofing we use and rely on RoofSnap for all our residential and commercial roofs for bidding purposes and they are amazing.

Chad Orth

Midwest Roofing

What an awesome addition to our business. Allows us one place to store, view, and edit bids, as well as, real time correction to bids and updates.

Joseph Lee

Advanced Roofing

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Thousands of roofers are using RoofSnap to speed up their sales process and bring fast, affordable measurements to their company. Are you ready to join them?

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