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RoofSnap FAQ

RoofSnap is measuring and estimating software and a roof measurement service provider. Our company was founded to make roofers' lives easier.

RoofSnap is a good fit for any roofing professional who needs a fast and affordable solution for obtaining measurements and estimates and standardizing their company's workflow.

RoofSnap stands out by offering users the best of both worlds. You can draw your own measurements using RoofSnap's easy and accurate measurement tools or order your measurements done for you by our SketchOS service.

Non-subscribers can order roof measurements on a pay-as-you-go basis. However, subscribers save on every measurement order and have access to RoofSnap’s draw-it-yourself and estimating tools.

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When draw-it-yourself (DIY) measurement diagrams are drawn correctly, RoofSnap's measurements are within a 1%-3% margin of error of the actual roof measurements, which is the industry standard margin of error for measurements taken from aerial imagery.

If you place a roof measurement order, your measurement diagram is completed by our Sketch Techs who are expertly trained. Every measurement order is subjected to a quality review process to ensure accuracy.

RoofSnap has multiple imagery partners included in the platform. Some are used for project location and mapping purposes. Others are used for measurements. If you have access to imagery from other sources, you can import it for use in your RoofSnap projects.

RoofSnap provides accurate scale for all integrated aerial and satellite imagery sources. If you import a drone image, you will need to provide one (1) on-site scale measurement.

RoofSnap handles all the calculations necessary for your roof measurements and your included summary documents.

RoofSnap's software makes drawing and labeling a roof's measurements simple. Simple roofs can take less than 2 minutes. Large or complex roofs can take 10 to 15 minutes. Most residential roofs take about 5 minutes.

RoofSnap's mobile apps are available for download in Apple's App Store and the Google Play Store. While the apps are free to install, a RoofSnap account is necessary to log in.

No. An internet connection is required to use RoofSnap's mobile and web apps.

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