Roofing 101: Pitch Finding

The pitch of a roof is one of the most important considerations in your project. Why is determining roof pitch so vital? Well, it’s a huge factor in all of your linear measurements. Eyeballing roof pitch is risky. When pitch is miscalculated, it can cost you in supply overages, shortages, and even your labor rates! […]

How to Use Drones to Measure and Inspect Roofs

In 2021, there’s no better way to impress your customers while also saving your company time on sales calls than by employing a drone to measure and estimate your roofing projects. But how does it work exactly? With roofing-focused software like RoofSnap, the process is as simple as flying the drone, taking your inspection photos (as well as a higher-altitude photo for measurements), and obtaining […]

Quick Roof Measurements for Professional Tarping

Every Spring brings high winds and rain to large swaths of the country. In 2021 however, the south has seen a one-two punch of extreme winter weather and tornadic activity within just weeks of each other. Other parts of the country are not immune from this weather either, and material prices are soaring all over […]

How to Get Started with Roofing Software

As the country thaws from a record-shattering winter storm last month, many roofing companies are starting their annual search for tools and software to help them handle business this year. Without the help of in-person trade shows that generally kick off the roofing season, you may be stuck wondering where to turn for advice on […]

Attending a Virtual Roofing Trade Show

If you’re planning on attending a virtual trade show this year, you might have some questions. How do I attend a virtual trade show? What do I do when I get there? Many of the biggest shows have postponed their events in hopes that the pandemic’s impact on attendance will lessen, but many have also […]

SketchOS: The Best Roof Measurement Service?

There are a lot of measurement services targeting the roofing industry. Some vendors have been at it for years and new ones seem to pop up every day. But no matter the provider, when you order a measurement report from a vendor you’re looking for accuracy, speed, and value. RoofSnap’s Sketch Ordering Service, SketchOS, hits […]

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