What Can You Do With Digital Documents?

If there’s one thing every small business owner hates, it’s paperwork. Forms, receipts and proposals fill folders and cover desks almost everywhere business is done. With Roofsnap, you’ll cut out the clutter (and the papercuts) by storing, sharing and even signing your RoofSnap documents digitally. In this week’s blog, we’ll get into why your business should be leveraging digital documents for maximum efficiency.

What can you do with Digital Documents?

Store with Fewer Folders

Now we know we were a little harsh on paperwork in our intro, but we want to recognize that it is a necessary evil. We all need work orders to send to crews, material orders to send to suppliers and contracts to send to customers. However, in this era of technology, it’s unnecessary to waste desk and office space on folders and filing cabinets. Because RoofSnap securely stores your documents in the cloud, you don’t have to worry about printing them off and storing them somewhere.

Clear the clutter off of your coffee table!

To that end, digital storage does a lot more than just save physical space. Cloud storage means that your employees can access your company’s RoofSnap documents anywhere, anytime. Plus, your measurement reports, contracts and other documents are stored inside of the project they reference, eliminating the chance of misfiling a material order or losing a contract. Knowing your paperwork is safely stored and organized will take the heavy load off you and your stapler.

Share Anywhere

Once your documents are digitally stored and organized, it’s time to consider how you will get them into the right hands. First, we want to assure you that you can print off any document from RoofSnap. Should you have customers that prefer to have a printed estimate or a supplier that insists on a paper copy of your order, rest assured; you’re covered. If you’re trying to save on your printer-ink bill or want to speed up the interaction, you can digitally share your RoofSnap documents!

Opening a RoofSnap document will open your device’s PDF viewer, where you can then choose how you’d like to share your document. Your options vary based on your device, but you can share your documents with any email or messaging app you have installed. You can also download any document and store it locally on your device in cases where you lack internet access or want a local backup.

Sign without a Pen

Storing and sharing digital documents can speed up your business’s communication and save you desk space, but what about when it’s time to sign on the dotted line? With social distancing guidelines and stay-at-home orders still in place across the country, e-signing documents are more popular than ever.

RoofSnap has offered digital signatures for contracts and pre-start checklists for some time, and you can always send a contract to your customers for them to print and sign if preferred. Even as restrictions are lifted and life returns to normal, a paperless sales process will save your business time and money by eliminating unnecessary back-and-forth.

We know that many companies in the roofing industry like to maintain physical paperwork as a way of tracking jobs and giving customers a traditional experience. Yet, as the world continues to adopt a digital-focused mindset, we believe roofing companies need to take steps to modernize their processes. Using RoofSnap’s document features and estimation tools, you can welcome technology into your business headache-free.

If you’d like to see how RoofSnap’s digital documents work, schedule a demo with our team. They’ll be happy to provide you with additional information about our digital storage, sharing and signing capabilities. You’ll also learn how RoofSnap makes customizing your reports and contracts simple for your business.

Thanks for reading, and as always:

Happy Snapping!


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