3 Key Features of the Best Roofing Software

When RoofSnap was founded 10 years ago, you could count the number of roofing software companies on one hand. Now, there are so many out there we can hardly keep track! In our decade in the industry, we’ve seen what makes a roofing software work well for contractors, and we’ve boiled it down to three key features.

The best roofing software is one that meets the needs of your company with:

  1. Features that tackle your roofing-specific problems
  2. Support staff to train and help your team as it uses the software
  3. Flexibility to grow with your company’s needs 

In this article, we’ll dig into each of these key attributes, and tell you what to look for when vetting your next software choice.

Roofing-Specific Features

The first thing to look for when vetting a “roofing” software is whether its features actually offer solutions to roofing problems. There are many softwares, Microsoft’s Excel for example, that work well for small businesses but are not specifically designed with our industry in mind. That means the work is on you to take the software and customize it to your goals. 

A roofing-specific software should come pre-built with industry solutions. If you’re looking for a software that offers measurements, be sure it also takes roof pitch and overhangs into account. If the software offers documents, those should include pre-start checklists, material order templates, and boiler-plate contracts. Essentially, you want to see a software that was built to fit your workflow, not something you have to change to fit your workflow.

Support and Training

The second thing that makes a roofing software the best for your business is access to support and training for your team. All software takes time to learn to use, and it’s hard to find time in the midst of appointments, tear-offs and installs to train your crew all at once. The best roofing software makes it very easy to access support materials like video tutorials, live training calls, and FAQ articles.


The third major feature of the best roofing software is flexibility. Roofing companies expand and contract very quickly, based on needs in their markets. Business owners sell their successful companies and start new ones. It’s important when you start using a new software to make sure that it can grow with your needs. An app that helps you sell 3 roofs a month, may not be equipped to handle your business if you’re selling and installing 30 roofs in a month. 

The best roofing software will have features that work for smaller businesses as well as larger ones. When vetting a new software for this flexibility, look for testimonials from companies of different sizes. You should also inquire about whether there are storage limits on software accounts, as well as project management and filtering tools to help manage your list of projects.

If you’re in the market for a roofing software that meets all three of the above requirements, give RoofSnap a try! Our company was founded by roofers and our software is designed to address the challenges contractors encounter day-to-day. Our support staff offers free training and live support for all of our users, and our subscription plans are designed to be affordable and scalable for companies of all sizes!

Start a free trial and experience the best roofing software for 14 days!

Thanks for reading, and as always, 

Happy Snapping!


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