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Enjoy the industry's fastest measurement turnaround time when you use RoofSnap’s new gutter measuring service.

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Need accurate roof measurements in as little as 30 Minutes*?

RoofSnap is ready for you with a new solution: gutter measurements. Great for same-day appointments, RoofSnap works to provide you with the gutter measurements you need in a customizable report format—at a cost you can afford. 

How it Works


You enter the address of the property you want measured + any need-to-know details about the structure into RoofSnap’s web application.


Our trained RoofSnap technicians will measure the eaves of the property and apply gutter material pins using remote aerial imagery.


Within 4 hours (or ≤ 30 minutes if you select rush)*, you receive an email with a downloadable link to your gutter measurement order report.

Boom. That’s it. You just saved your measuring arm a lot of work!

*Standard turnaround time: 4 hours during business hours (Mon-Fri 9 AM-7 PM; Sat 9 AM-5 PM ET). Average rush order turnaround time: 30 minutes.

Gutter Measurement Reports 

RoofSnap’s same-day return gutter reports enable you to arrive at every initial appointment with complete gutter measurements already on hand. Your completed order will be delivered to your inbox. It is also available in your RoofSnap account, where you’ll have the ability to modify your measurement report.

gutter measurements report


Close more jobs with gutter measurement reports that wow. 

Gutter Measurement Reports

Aerial image of property

RoofSnap’s measurement service uses the highest resolution aerial photography available for every address to provide the most accurate gutter measurements. This imagery is included on the first page of the report, highlighting the quality of the measurement and wowing customers with a new perspective on their property. 

Gutter Measurement Reports

Diagrams detailing linear feet and gutter materials

Our reports provide a diagram of the roof detailing eave, gutter, and gutter topper linear measurements. Reports also include material pins identifying end caps, miters, and suggested downspout placement. Due to the nature of 2D imagery, downspout height measurements are not provided but can be manually applied to the gutter measurement summary. 

Gutter Measurement Reports

A summary page with measurement details

Your gutter measurement report includes quantities for individual material items and linear feet measurements for eaves, eave runs, and gutter placement. Seamlessly pull measurements into our gutter estimate software for quick quotes and material orders.

Gutter Measurement Reports

Automatic waste calculation

RoofSnap’s calculation includes 5% waste on all linear feet measurements and gutter materials can be customized with specified waste percentages.

Why Roofers Love Roofsnap

What an awesome addition to our business. Allows us one place to store, view, and edit bids, as well as, real time correction to bids and updates.

Joseph Lee

Advanced Roofing

RoofSnap is the best programs I've come across in my 30+ years in the roofing business. 

Mason Nichols

Summit Roofing

Love the software. Very easy to use. The turn around time on ordering a RoofSnap is very good.

Miguel Ortiz

Salt Roofing

Great service and great program. At Midwest Roofing we use and rely on RoofSnap for all our residential and commercial roofs for bidding purposes and they are amazing.

Chad Orth

Midwest Roofing

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