What is SketchOS?

SketchOS is RoofSnap’s measurement ordering service. With full report pricing starting at $9, and a typical turnaround time of 2 to 4 hours for residential orders, SketchOS is our answer to the slow, overpriced services we see plaguing the industry.

What makes SketchOS really stand out isn’t the price or turnaround time, it’s the flexibility it brings to your estimation and sales process. Read on for more!

Full, Flexible Projects

Unlike other measurement providers in the industry, we don’t just provide measurements! We’re in the business of making your life easier, so every SketchOS order comes with the live RoofSnap project delivered to your account at the same time as your Click to see how to order SketchOS Measurementsmeasurements.

With your RoofSnap project, you can add inspection photos and notes directly to the line drawing, adjust pitch as needed, and even add secondary structures  to your estimate, (though we already include one detached structure free of charge.)

Click here to see a sample Sketch Report!

Priced to Move

SketchOS pricing is some of the best in the industry, and we’re proud to offer it as an affordable solution to our subscribers. Half Snaps, which include a perimeter measurement, total surface area, and predominant pitch, cost just $9 for any roof, and are perfect for per-square estimating. Full Snaps, which include detailed measurements, labeled roof lines, and per-facet pitch values where available, are priced based on roof size or complexity starting at $9. The average price for residential orders is about $16, see the table below for full pricing details.

Per SQ | Pricing*
Most Residential
0-20 sq | $9.00
20-30 sq | $15.00
30-50 sq | $19.00
50-80 sq | $35.00
80+ sq | Commercial Per Facet Pricing
Per Facet Pricing*
Most Commercial

1-4 Facets | $9.00
5-15 Facets | $15.00
16-30 Facets | $19.00
31-50 Facets | $35.00
51-80 Facets | $50.00
80+ Facets | Contact Sales

* A valid RoofSnap Subscription is required.

Turnaround Time

Besides our pricing, the speed with which our sketch technicians return projects is another popular feature of SketchOS. Our typical turnaround time is 2 to 4 hours during the business day*, Monday through Saturday. We find that with other services, there’s usually a charge for same-day or next-day delivery, but you won’t encounter that with SketchOS.

When your project is complete, you’ll receive a notification email that provides links to the measurement report and live project. From there, you can share your measurements with coworkers, an adjuster, or the homeowners, make refinements to your measurements, or add inspection items to the report and bring more context to your client.

*Projects ordered outside of business hours are typically returned the following business day.

Reviewed for Accuracy

All SketchOS orders pass through our review process before being sent to you, the measurement requestor. When your report is placed in your account, you’ll see the SketchOS logo at the bottom of the report with a reviewer ID. This is part of our process to ensure that your measurements are as accurate as possible. This review mark will only appear on the sketch report generated when your order is completed and sent to you.SketchOS Review Badge

Ready for SketchOS?

If you have questions about pricing, the ordering process, or just want to start ordering for yourself, contact our sales team at Hello@RoofSnap.com.

Watch a quick walkthrough of the ordering process below: 


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