In the not-so-distant days of roofing’s past, there were only a few ways to obtain your linear and area measurements. They involved measuring tapes of varying lengths (not always long enough for the eave), measuring wheels that slip and slide depending on the surface, and expensive measurement reports from a single industry player. HowMeasurementsBlog

Luckily, there are more options out there nowadays, but that variety means you may be missing out on a more efficient way to measure than your current method! This week’s blog is a short discussion of the contemporary ways we know of to get your measurements more quickly and safely than you may have in the past.

NearMap's HD Imagery

The first is using high definition imagery sources to simply snap a photo of your project’s roof from aerial footage.  If you read last week’s blog, you’ll know the advantages to multiple-flyover dates available through Nearmap’s astoundingly clear aerial imagery. But there are many sources of aerial footage out there, with varying resolution levels, available angles, and use-restrictions.  

The second measurement option, that also keeps you off the roof, is through creating your own measurement reference image. Whether that be from a drone fly-over that you conduct at your project property, or from a blueprint you obtain from your client. You can use a measurement and estimation software to obtain accurate linear feet and area values on projects that may be outside of the coverage area of aerial imagery sources.

Lastly, you can always order your measurements from a measurement report service. These can be an invaluable time-saver during busy seasons, but they do come at a cost. Frequent users of measurement report services agree that being able to arrive with measurements in hand, along with the professional look of a well-prepared report, helps to sell jobs quickly. But some services have long turn-around times on orders, and the expense of the reports can make using them frequently prohibitively expensive. (Our SketchOS service addresses many of these issues, with quick turn-around and special pricing,  only available to RoofSnap subscribers.)

RoofSnap is proud to offer our users a variety of options to obtain their project’s measurements, coincidentally you can use any of the methods above to measure your project in RoofSnap!  We’re also proud to offer our software on all major platforms, so you can use RoofSnap on whatever device works best for you and your company. If you have questions about any of the methods of measurement highlighted this week take a look at our YouTube channel for some quick FAQ’s, drop us a line at, or feel free to call us at 1-877-766-3762!


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