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As the world goes mobile, more time is spent away from the office and at the project site. Smartphones and tablets, combined with on-the-go applications and more time spent on project sites, means that people generally have all the tools and technology they need in their pocket. But how do they make sure that this information is available on all of the platforms they use?RoofSnap Software-1.jpeg

As a roofing contractor, it’s quite possible that you spend a large portion of your time on site. While you may not be an office based employee, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have a lot of office-based work to catch up with once you are done measuring and estimating roofs on site. Having to transfer the information you acquire in the field to your desktop computer or laptop can double the amount of time you spend on the project.

RoofSnap is offering a one-stop solution to this challenge with RoofSnap Online, which brings full platform capability to the widely popular RoofSnap app. The online version of the application is accessible from any browser and it is optimized for both desktop computers and laptops. This enables users to measure roofs on larger screens from the comfort of their home or office and access documents and images for each project within your favorite browser.

RoofSnap users can still run RoofSnap natively on their mobile devices by installing the app for Android or iOS and benefit from the freedom and flexibility that the mobile app offers.

Another functionality that was recently introduced to RoofSnap is the development of full estimating functionality on Android so that users can now not only measure roofs, but also estimate the entire job in the mobile app on Android.

These are only some of the exciting developments at RoofSnap. For more information about our specialized roof measurement software, contact us today.

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