Why should you know how to measure a roof?

When you use RoofSnap, you always have the option to call in your pinch hitter with our SketchOS service. We’ve made it easy for our users to measure roofs themselves, but when they need some help with a complex, cut-up roof, or simply don’t have time to measure the projects on their calendar, SketchOS has their back.

When our service makes it so easy and affordable to order complete measurements, why would anyone bother learning to measure themselves? We’ll discuss that today. Why should you know how to measure?

We do have a number of users that have shifted mainly to ordering their roofs from our service because it’s the best way to get consistently accurate measurements fast. But what makes SketchOS stand out from other services, besides the price and turnaround time, is the live project you receive with every order. When you order a SketchOS report, a Full Snap or a Half Snap, you get the full project delivered to your RoofSnap account along with the report. This is where your roof sketching skills might come into play.

That's a good looking sketch! That’s a good looking sketch!

Say you ordered measurements for the address above, went on site and sold the job. Good for you!  Then your customer wanted to move forward with your bid, but decided they’d like to re-roof the gazebo they have in the back as well! You could bust out the tape and add those measurements to your estimate (and a half hour to your appointment), OR you could pull out your tablet or laptop and sketch that gazebo.

Sketch! That! Gazebo!

 Sketch that gazebo!

Adding that quick secondary structure just brought consistency and value to your client’s property while increasing your job’s profitability. And with RoofSnap, it took minutes to add those measurements to your sketch, seconds to generate a new estimate, and your customer was signing an updated contract without you having to leave the property.


 That gazebo is going to look great!

This scenario is just one reason you should be able to measure properties yourself. Besides the obvious benefit of being able to sketch unlimited DIY projects with RoofSnap, it also gives you the flexibility to update your measurements on the fly, without waiting on revisions or busting out the graph paper.

If you have any questions about RoofSnap, SketchOS, or upgrading your own sketch skills, drop us a line at Hello@RoofSnap.com! You can also check out our shiny new Knowledge Base for quick answers to all your questions.

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