RoofSnap: The High-Tech Roofing Application  

Kick your fear of change to the curb and make running your business easier by using the right roofing technology. 

Here’s the thing: the old way isn’t always the best way. Just because you’ve been doing something for a long time and it works (i.e., climbing a ladder and measuring a roof by hand), doesn’t mean that there isn’t a more efficient, more effective way to complete that task. When it comes to optimizing operations at your roofing business, leveraging technology is key.  And ironically, that’s why we’re here; to drop some serious knowledge about how RoofSnap’s  simple roofing application can make running your business easier and set you up for growth. 

roofsnap roofing application

Streamlining Your Business with RoofSnap 

By the way, we get it – the idea of using software isn’t always thrilling. But you know what is thrilling? The notion of operating your business with less pain pointsincreasing productivity, and delivering an exceptional experience to your customers – all things that RoofSnap’s roofing application was designed to do. Allow us to elaborate on the key benefits of using RoofSnap:   


You can have your roof measurements done for you  

If you’d rather use the time normally spent driving to your location and measuring a roof and reallocate that to selling more jobs, you can take advantage of SketchOSRoofSnap’s measurement ordering service, which compiles your roof measurements into a professional report and notifies you via email when your order is complete. With a typical turnaround time of 2-4 hours (or <1 hour using our Rush Order feature), RoofSnap’s measurements can give your sales team the flexibility to order measurements for same-day appointments. Plus, yocan turn your measurement report into an estimate and arrive to the home with a professional good, better, best style estimate with your logo on it. And trust us, the homeowner will be more than impressed when you show up to the initial appointment with measurements and an estimate already on hand. 


You can skip being on-site and draw roof measurements yourself  

RoofSnap’s core features consist of powerful measurement tools that enable you to collect roof measurements remotely, saving you a trip to and from the job site. We won’t get too deep in the weeds with how the technology works, but the gist is:  

  1. You enter an address into RoofSnap 
  2. The app then pulls aerial images of that property  
  3. You draw the roof lines and add pitch values in the app  
  4. RoofSnap’s app automatically calculates your measurements 


You’ll have to deal less with human error   

Hand measuring poses a higher risk for human error. Think about it: if your guys are scribbling their measurements down on a piece of scrap paper, on their phone, or worse – their hand, things might get lost in translation. And what if they can’t remember where they logged those measurements? Back to the jobsite they go…  


You’re going to have more accurate measurements 

RoofSnap offers the most recent captures of nearly any address – but it gets better. RoofSnap has access to imagery that is updated throughout the year, so not only can your measurements take into account the latest conditions of the property, but if you’re measuring an area that’s typically blocked by leaves or foliage, you can refer to images during off-season months whethose obstructions aren’t as prevalent. 


You’ll keep your team safer  

When you think about your sales team’s process, there’s only two tasks that should put them at risk of falling: taking measurements and the roof inspection. And since  RoofSnap removes the need to get out the ladder for measurements, your team will ultimately spend less time overall on the roof, lowering the risk for potential falls and other injuries. 


Your processes will be more consistent, making it easier to scale  

In addition to their measurement tools, RoofSnap offers several features designed to make your sales process more consistent. For example, like we stated aboveRoofSnap allows you to build estimates that use your products and pricing and professionally present them to homeownersThose estimates can then be digitally and securely stored in RoofSnap for you to easily reference.  


The bottom line is that change is necessary for growth and using RoofSnap’s roofing application won’t throw a massive wrench in your operations; it will simply streamline some of the more inefficient processes you have in place. And if you don’t believe us, try it out for yourself! We offer a 7-day free trial of our technology, so that you can see all of our features in action. Plus, when you do a free trial, you’ll get your first measurement report for free!  

Happy Snapping! 

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