What can Automation do for you?

We are living in a world of convenience, where Google tells you football scores without you having to open your phone, and tweeting a pizza emoji to Dominos gets your favorite pizza delivered. When everything seems to be accessible at a touch of a button, you might be wondering, why can’t roofing measurements? Well with a little magic from our developer team and an API integration with your CRM, RoofSnap can make that happen. That’s what we’ll be talking about in this week’s blog.



RoofSnap’s API is open to integration with many of the CRM’s that our customers use to manage other aspects of their business. Every integration can behave differently, based on what the customer wants, how the CRM’s own API behaves, and how much development time is made available for the project. (Now’s a good time to define “API.” It stands for Application Programming Interface, which is the language an app uses to talk to other programs.) That being said, we’d like to highlight our most recent integration with Salesforce to show you the power of API Integration.


In this specific Salesforce integration we’re highlighting today, again they can be as flexible as the programs allow, the ordering of measurement reports from RoofSnap has been automated within the Salesforce workflow. When a project for a residential roofing client is created in Salesforce, the address is instantly sent to RoofSnap’s Sketch Techs. With our average 2-hour turnaround (or <1 hr for rush), the project sketch is completed and sent directly back to Salesforce. This automation means that the salesperson can create their projects the day before or the morning of an inspection, and arrive with their measurements already in the CRM. During the inspection, they can open the project in RoofSnap, adjust the pitch, add pins (as seen in the video below) and alter measurements and all those changes are reflected in Salesforce.

Again, the above integration is just one example of what API integration makes possible. If you see a point in your company’s workflow that could benefit from similar automation, or just want to discuss possibilities, drop us a line! We’re continuing to develop new features and integration opportunities in RoofSnap, so pay attention to our social media and stay tuned here for the latest updates. We’ll see you next week!


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