The Benefits Of Demoing Software To Find The Right Fit


 Software is the most pertinent tool you can implement to simplify, organize, and streamline your work flow.  No matter what industry you are in, software is the key to efficiency across your organization. One of the most important decisions to make now is choosing applications that makes sense for you and your business. 

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     The first step in the search for the right program is to identify the functionality you need that will allow your organization to be efficient, productive, and streamlined.  Now that you have your list of needs, it is time to dive in and try different programs. There are a variety of ways to search for an application.

     Many software companies have a free trial so you can get your hands on the program, but what happens when you invest time or money in software for your organization and it was not as easy as it was described?  This is not always an issue with the software. Sometimes it is more to do with how well the members of your organization understand the program. Even when a system has been in place for awhile, you may not have been trained on the full functionality.

     The key to starting off on the right foot is to demo the application prior to settling for gimmicks some software companies use to push you to purchase thier product. Watching a demo allows you to see first hand the functionality of the software without having to struggle through it on your own. Most software companies offer live online demos or one on one demos where you can see what the program is capable of and ask questions that pertain to the functionality you need.

Demos can provide several benefits such as:

  • You can quickly assess the software and evaluate if it meets your needs.
  • You can see and try the software risk-free in an online training environment. 
  • You can see potential solutions to your work flow that are not currently instituted in your organization. 
  • You can experience the full functionality of the software. This is usually difficult to see until you input all of your specifications., but through a demo you can see the end result before you start the data entry process. 
  • If you are a visual learner it is extremely beneficial to see the product in action to fully grasp the value and potential without the distraction of figuring out the software on your own.
  • You and other attending members of your organization can ask questions that pertain to your business. 

     It pays to sit in on a demo to effectively understand how to use the prospected software. Every organization has different needs and finding a program that fits those needs can be a frustrating and time consuming venture. Once you see the demo you can make a much more informed decision. Demos are a time effient way to choose which application is the best for you and your organization. 

     This being said…if you think RoofSnap MAX could be an option for your organization, set up a demo with us!


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