Lets Take a Ride in my Office

If you’re one of our subscribers, you’re likely either a Roofing Contractor, Salesman, or Insurance Adjuster and that means you spend a lot of time in your truck. Between hauling ladders, drones, a bunch of measuring tape and chalk, and file folders full of docs, having that storage space and hauling capacity is a necessity, not to mention customers just expect anyone involved in their roof to arrive a truck.

We were founded by roofers, but now we spend most of our time developing software to meet the needs of the industry, and keep your measurements accurate of course. That doesn’t mean we’ve given up on our trucks though, and man there are some recent models that ALMOST make us wish we were still hauling ladders. Here’s a couple we’ve had our eye on this year.

GMC Canyon


This truck seems perfect for those of you who do computer work and maybe some quick measuring out of the cab. OnStar has brought solid internet access to GMC vehicles for years, but the multiple USB ports, the 4G hotspot and the the standard wireless charging make this years model especially suited for you guys on the road.


Nissan Titan

Nissan Titan

Photo Credit: Nissan

The 2018 Titan’s are some of the more affordable trucks out there, starting at around 30k. Affordability does mean some features that we’d need for a mobile office have to come as accessories, but Nissan’s Wifi add-on’s come with some nifty apps that integrate with your device and allow you to locate the vehicle and measure it’s speed. That’s something some of you may want to consider if you give others the keys to the company car. We also like that you can connect up to 5 devices to Nissan’s hotspot, perfect when we’re using a laptop to sketch, an iPad to present estimates, and our phone to tag inspection pins on the roof.


Ram 1500

Ram 1500

We’re a big fan of the Ram’s comfortable interiors, but this year’s models are taking tech to the next level. If you take a look at the 2019 model’s packages they look like you’ve stepped into a Tesla. But we’re less worried about lane-assist than we are about making sure we can still get an email sent when we’re canvassing out in the middle of nowhere. Ram offers their wifi hotspot as an add-on as well, competitively priced with Nissan’s plans, and with a couple tiers to fit your data needs too.


Obviously there is a plethora of other options out there, but these we just a few we felt like highlighting this week. The common theme that’s important for OUR mobile office is connectivity. In 2018, we need an internet connection to get our jobs done, and if we don’t have to ask a homeowner for their wifi password, all the better.

If you have questions about any of these trucks… you’ll have to talk to your local dealer. But if you’re wondering how RoofSnap can help your company grow fast enough to afford a fleet of the models above, we’d be happy to help! Drop us a line at Support@RoofSnap.com or call us at (877) 766-3762.

Until next week, keep on truckin’! 


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