Help Your Roofing Sales Team Hit Their Year-End Goals

If your company has unmet, end of year sales goals, your sales team is likely a little extra stressed as the holidays approach. While you might be tempted to incentivize performance with a contest and a prize – like a hard to find PlayStation 5 – we suggest a different approach. 

Instead of incentivizing, consider helping your roofing sales team hit their year-end goals by giving them the tools they need to succeed. Tools like a fast measurement ordering service, an estimation platform with up-to-date pricing, and easy-to-share sales documents can be incredibly helpful in driving productivity. We’ll talk about how each of these can help your sales team deliver on their goals, even without a sleigh, in this week’s blog.

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Measurements Without the Clatter of a Ladder

For our friends in Cleveland and other northern cities, winter is already here, and with it brings hazardous conditions for anyone trying to measure a roof. That doesn’t mean the sales opportunities aren’t out there though! Give your sales team the gift of safety by supplying them with a way to get their measurements without having to climb the roof, or leave the office. 

RoofSnap’s Sketch Ordering Service, SketchOS, offers full measurement reports starting at just $9. Better yet, the typical turnaround time is just 2 to 4 hours. Download a sample report here, and start a trial of RoofSnap to snag your first order free!

Fast Estimates for Busy Homeowners

December isn’t just crunch time for your sales team, your customers are busy and harried too. Trying to get decisions and responses from homeowners during the holidays is a challenge in and of itself, so don’t introduce lag time to the sales process by having your team build their estimates in excel. 

RoofSnap’s estimation platform creates your estimates with just a few taps, and you can save templates of your preferred roofing system to other homes in the future! That means your sales team can build estimates in minutes, and get them into homeowners’ hands faster. If your team uses SketchOS for their measurements, they can offer pre-inspection estimates remotely, without a visit to the job site!

Signed Contracts for Christmas

The last thing your team wants to be doing is collecting contracts the last week of the year. Make things easier on everyone and move away from paper documents for your sales process. RoofSnap has offered digital documents for years, and we continue to advocate for their use. 

You can send estimates out to homeowners via email, attach pre-starts to text messages, and collect digital signatures in the RoofSnap mobile apps. RoofSnap’s safe and secure storage of your documents also means less of a scramble to find things when tax time comes around. All of these conveniences amount to saving your company and customers time, and we haven’t even mentioned saving the trees!

While we recognize that RoofSnap’s tools can help your roofing sales team hit their year-end goals, we also know that RoofSnap can also help your team save time all year long. If you’re looking for ways to help your team perform, and serve your community faster and more efficiently, we’re here to help. Start a free trial today, to see how RoofSnap’s industry-leading roofing software can help your business grow year-round. 

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