Get Your Roofing Business Ready for Spring

Is your business ready for spring? Now is the time to get your roofing business ready for the increased volume that comes with the change of seasons. We’ve got some quick steps you can take to optimize your business before homeowners start searching for your services. We’ll touch on sprucing up your digital profile, your product line, and your technology tools in this week’s blog.
Get Your Roofing Business Ready for Spring

(Digital) Spring Cleaning

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There’s a lot of chores that pop up when you’re prepping for spring. Fleet maintenance, organizing the supply yard if you have one, and printing new lawn signs are all important things to check off the list. One thing that might be flying under your radar is updating your online presence!

If you have a web designer or someone that updates your company site regularly, provide them with current contact information, sales team roster, and anything else that you post on your site that may have changed over the winter months. Take some time yourself to give your website a once-over and make sure your content is current. There’s nothing worse than seeing your Thanksgiving Weekend hours still posted in May.

One free resource that might be flying under your radar is your Google My Business (GMB) page. Google My Business makes it easier for customers in your market to find your business information and get in contact with you. Make sure your GMB page is up to date with all the same contact information you’d post on your website, and take some time to add photos for your company. It goes a long way in humanizing your employees and building trust with local clients. (Did we mention it’s free?)

Brush Up on New Products

Technology moves at a fast pace, but if you’re paying attention to the roofing products market, you’ll know that there have been major changes in the last few years. More manufacturers are producing eco-friendly products, and homeowners are opening their minds — and wallets — to new solar systems.

Make sure you’re ready to answer questions about solar shingles, eco-friendly asphalt, and new sealants. Homeowners are researching products before they call a contractor, and they may request systems that you don’t typically install! Being prepared to offer a similar product or roofing system, or at least being knowledgeable about what the market offers will be vital to establishing yourself as an expert.

Keeping an eye on our blog, and industry forums like is a great way to stay informed.

Try Out Some New Tech

Your Sales Team Will Be All Smiles With New Tech This Spring

As we head into the busy season you might want to consider updating or adding to the technology that supports your business. This is a great time to feel-out different software solutions that can help your business thrive when volume picks up. Don’t forget that you’ll need some time to train your team when implementing a new solution.

This is a great time to utilize RoofSnap’s remote measurement and estimate platform and we’re ready to train your team and answer any questions that you have. In Addition, you may want to consider implementing a new CRM system. We know that our friends at MarketSharp and ImproveIt360 are always willing to get you on-boarded efficiently, so don’t miss an opportunity to upgrade the tools that help your business reach its full potential this spring.

We know things hectic at this time of year, and this isn’t exactly your typical spring. If you need some guidance on any of the topics we touched on today, or want to talk about RoofSnap’s features, get in touch with us! Our demo calendar is open, and our phone lines (877-766-3762) are staffed. You can also drop us a message at, or in the comments of this blog, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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