5 New Year’s Roofing Resolutions

As the year comes to a close, we’re looking forward to 2021 and all it has to offer. With the way this year has gone, we can forgive you if you haven’t given any thought to your New Year’s resolutions. So, we compiled a quick list of 5 New Year’s roofing resolutions that you can apply to your business and make 2021 a year of growth and prosperity for your team.

5 New Year's Roofing Resolutions

Update Your Website

Updating your website can be as simple as running a quick audit on all of the information you have posted on your site, making sure it’s up to date and that all your contact links and forms work correctly. Alternatively, you can go bigger and optimize the site with new content and keywords relevant to your market to help you drive new leads to your website. However you choose to update your site, focus on making it informative and user-friendly allowing potential customers to discover your business easily.U

If you’re not using your website to generate leads, manage reviews and take customer feedback, you may want to consider digging a little deeper into this resolution. Our friends at Market Hardware are experts in optimizing websites for contractors in our industry and generating digital leads, and they can help you grow your business and reach your 2021 financial goals.

Update Your Pricing

We’ve been seeing rumbles from all over the country about the price of lumber, aluminum, steel, and copper. Some materials are seeing double-digit increases as we enter the new year! All this is to say, that updating your pricing consistently in a volatile market is important to ensure your company remains profitable.

Updating your pricing doesn’t have to be a huge to-do, and as prices continue to rise unpredictably, you’ll want to make that process as easy as possible. RoofSnap’s software allows you to manage your pricing all in one place, and push that update to your sales team instantly, so no one’s working off of old price sheets. 

If you’re interested in simplifying the management of your pricing, schedule a demo with our team!

Improve Your Branding

Whether your truck wraps are peeling or the company logo needs to be refreshed, make 2021 the year you put more effort into your branding. The roofing industry is competitive in every market, and a little polish can help you stand out from the crowd.

While we can’t help you with your decals, RoofSnap’s software does allow you to brand your documents with your logo. You can customize your estimates, contracts, and even your measurement reports so they showcase your business wherever they end up. You can learn more in our earlier post.

Educate Yourself

Even if you have been in roofing for your entire career, believe us, there are things that you don’t know. That may sound harsh, so let us follow up with a positive spin: there’s so much left to learn! Take some time this year to explore educational opportunities for yourself and others at your company. You can go low-effort and join an industry Facebook group, or take a bigger step and join your local Builders Exchange. Either way, you’ll be exposed to new thoughts, new ideas, and new products that can benefit your business.

Try Something New

Our last resolution can be found on many lists, not just roofing resolution lists. Growing your experiences is something we should commit to throughout our lives. It keeps our minds, and businesses, from growing stale and stagnant. If you’re struggling with managing your customers and appointments, try moving to a CRM like improveit 360 or MarketSharp. They’re excellent additions to any company’s software suite and have helped other roofing companies grow. 

If you haven’t experienced the speed and simplicity that RoofSnap can bring to your sales process, we invite you to start a free trial of our software! With your trial, you’ll get full access to RoofSnap’s tools, with no commitment and no credit card required. It’s an easy way to cross this resolution off of your list early!

We hope this list inspires you to plan for success in 2021. We know this year has been a challenging ride for our industry and the world, but we look forward to new experiences and growth in the years to come.

Thanks for reading as always, and happy holidays!

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