From veteran entrepreneurs starting roofing businesses and vets working as contractors to roofing companies offering rebates and donated services to vets in need; the roofing industry has always had strong ties with the military community. To honor that special relationship, we’re devoting this Veteran’s Day blog post to discuss the ways you can help those brave men and women who have served our country.



Taking time from your schedule to spend with veterans can be an invaluable experience for both you and the vets. Your local VA hospital may have recently wounded veterans that could use a smile and some conversation during their recuperation or older vets who could benefit from the company as well. If you’d prefer to do more of a service, programs like the Volunteer Transport Network provide essential services to veterans who lack mobility. Getting to-and-from doctor visits and other necessary trips are a challenge that they shouldn’t have to face. Peruse the VA’s website for more volunteer opportunities, and we’re sure you’ll find something that works for you.



Donating to Veterans groups and causes is another excellent way to show your support. The Wounded Warrior Project has several options and is a nationally recognized organization. The VA also has a secure e-donation portal as well. If you’re a contractor, we’d suggest taking a page out of Titan Roofing’s book and donating services and materials rather than money. Reaching out to your suppliers and other businesses to put together donations is a great way to increase the value of your gift and to build networking in your community. But don’t limit yourself to what others have done, some of the most effective programs come from creative thinkers, like this program addressing veteran’s homelessness.


While we do have a lot of vets in roofing, we can always use more. Hiring veterans can be an important part of rehabilitation for injured vets or those that have had trouble readjusting to life outside of the military. While the physically demanding work of contracting may not be a good fit for those with some level of disability, technologies like RoofSnap have opened doors to positions that would have been too intensive previously. Sales and other administrative positions are excellent opportunities for veteran hires as well.



As we mentioned above, many veterans are working in the Roofing Industry. If you’re not in roofing yourself, consider using a Veteran-Owned-Business on your next project. There are several resources online to locate VOBs in your area. Usually, there’s a designation with your local trade organizations like the Better Business Bureau or Builders Exchange as well. Taking the time to seek out and work with these businesses is an easy way you can give back while also getting the services that you need.

If you think this post can be helpful to others, be sure to share it with your connections. It’s a little cheesy to say that every day should be veterans day, but they deserve our thoughts and support far more than one holiday can cover. Thanks for taking the time to read our blog this week, but make some time for our vets as well.

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