Summer Roofing Sales Tips

Hot weather, homeowners on vacation, production queues backing up – the summer season is a hard one for roofing industry salespeople. While some in the industry take a vacation to skip the summer doldrums, we know there are many out there that continue to set appointments all season long. For those hard working people, we’ve got some tips to maximize your summer sales – and keep cool while doing it – in this week’s blog. Summer Roofing Sales: Tips & Tricks

Reminders are Key

One of the big challenges of selling roofs during the summer months is scheduling. Kids are home for summer break which means families are busier and have less time for sales calls. Vacations also impact homeowner availability for both appointments and installation dates.

During times of inconsistent communication with your customers, timely reminders and a variety of communication channels can be key to nurturing your sales relationship. Calls, texts and emails are all on the table if you have the correct contact information, but balancing that number of touchpoints is key. Try adding new information every time you contact your client: send an updated measurement report, another estimate option, or something to get them thinking about their roof.

RoofSnap keeps your contact details saved for easy follow-up.
RoofSnap keeps your contact details saved for easy follow-up.

RoofSnap makes both storing your customer’s contact info and creating compelling reports and documents easy. Make sure you schedule a demo to see how!

Beat the Heat

Even if your vehicle has quality AC, there are few jobs hotter than selling roofs in the summertime. RoofSnap tries to make roofing easier year-round, but our tools really shine under the summer sun. Take advantage of our measuring tools to keep yourself off of sun-baked shingles. You can measure from your truck, or from your office before heading to the appointment. No matter how fast you are with measuring tape, we guarantee you’ll be faster using our software, and you’ll sweat a lot less.

The RoofSnap Web App
Measure from anywhere there’s AC with the RoofSnap Web App.

If putting your feet up and enjoying some lemonade is more your speed than measuring roofs, RoofSnap can help there too. Our Sketch Ordering Service, SketchOS can take care of the measurement process entirely and deliver an accurate report in 2 to 4 hours, all you need is the property’s address! We can’t sell the roof for you, but we can give you a little more time to spend at the pool before you head to the appointment.

Stay Organized During Downtime

One of the hardest parts of summer in the roofing industry is the backlog of projects that many companies accrue. Spring storms fill up the job queue, and with our persistent labor shortage, that backlog can last for months.

It’s important to keep track of the paperwork from your sales to ensure customers don’t get lost in the shuffle. If you keep up with our blog, you know RoofSnap helps catalog your notes, and safely store your documents and contracts, so you don’t have to worry about searching the office for a missing folder. Consider contacting your clients with updates as their job’s start-date comes closer; homeowners will appreciate being kept in the loop.

On top of the tips we’ve talked about today, make sure you stay hydrated and wear sunscreen this summer. We don’t want to come across as too protective, but our industry is notorious for some stark tan lines, and a little SPF can prevent some skin problems in the future. If you have any questions about how RoofSnap can make your summer sales process smoother, leave us a comment below or schedule a live demo, we’re here to help!

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