Using RoofSnap for Storm Restoration

RoofSnap’s remote measuring solutions are ideal for contractors working in a storm environment. Unlimited projects mean no limits on the number of bids you can place. Syncing across platforms means you can start projects on-site and finish at your office (wherever that may be.) And SketchOS is there to take measurements off your hands entirely, and let you concentrate on helping homeowners recover.

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Don’t limit your bandwidth.

One of the big unknowns going into a storm environment is how many projects you’ll be taking on. Depending on the extent of the damage, the competition’s presence, and your sales acumen, your company may be selling more jobs than you’d expect. RoofSnap customers enjoy unlimited project creation at all subscription levels, and that flexibility is perfect when tackling the unknown workload you’ll find in storm response.

8-1 Storm DamageTarps are the first step, then comes the hard part.

Multitask without missing the details

If you find a neighborhood that needs your help, with RoofSnap, you can quickly create projects with the addresses of affected homes while on-site, and sketch their measurements later. You can also include notes on the project right in the app, and save yourself some scribbling! (Did we mention you can add inspection photos too?)

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…Include notes on your projects right in the app.

If you’d rather concentrate on your conversations with homeowners, you can always hand off the measuring to our Sketch Ordering Service. SketchOS supports multi-pin orders so you can order several homes at once, and our pricing makes measuring a honey-hole the least of your worries. To top it off, our lightning-fast turnaround time means you’ll receive your measurements faster than competitors using slower services.

Save time for the important conversations

Of course, measurements are only a part of what you need. The real time-savings will come from the estimates you automatically generate from your RoofSnap measurements. Whether you build custom estimates for every homeowner or have a system that your company prefers to install, you can make writing up estimates a thing of the past. Build a template with your preferred system, and with a single click, you can apply that template to any project that you measure.8-1 Harvey Damage

Help put a roof back over their heads!

At RoofSnap, we focus on making things easier and more efficient for our customers. We’re happy to see that our tools can also make a positive impact on the lives of our contractor’s customers. The sooner you can help the victims of storms, the sooner their lives get back to normal.

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