The Importance of Onboarding

If you’ve ever searched for software for your business, you know that the process is tough. Finding a single solution for your business’s unique problems, fitting their pricing model to your budget, and getting your employees aligned to move forward with it can take months (and years off your life.) But after all the rigamarole of the search is over, the most crucial step is the on-boarding and adoption process. A good start with your business software is crucial to your success, and we’ll see what that looks like in this blog.10-19

Get on board and get to work

Once you’ve decided on a software, you don’t want to wait to use it! Some companies will force you to hit the brakes right at the beginning and wait in line for a demo before they set you loose on the software. We at RoofSnap prefer the opposite route. We like software the lets you get right to it, with support and guidance there if you need it. We like an on-boarding experience that has tutorials that we can watch on our time, demos for when we need a personalized walkthrough, and software support for when we break things. Overall, on-boarding with a software should be fast and fun, because we’ve got enough work already. That being said, we don’t want to miss out on features, which brings us to our next point.

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Know what’s possible

There’s nothing worse than being six months deep into a software and finding a feature that could have saved you hours had you known about it. The most important part of onboarding is getting a feel for everything your new software can do. When we say everything, we don’t mean the nitty-gritty of changing waste percentages or sharing reports. We’re talking about the high-level overview of the features, so you know what to investigate later. Live, personalized demos are the best way to make sure that you’re aware of everything you need out of your software. Your demo-er should not only answer questions you have, but should ask you questions about your needs, and point out ways the software can solve them. But what if you miss something in a demo? That’s where support comes in.

Make sure you know what your new software’s capabilities.

Help, when you need it

With modern software, the on-boarding process never really stops. Updates, fixes, and feature releases mean that modern software is constantly changing and improving. To stay up on those changes, and how to best use them, you’ll need to know where to turn. A lot of people only interact with software support when something’s broken, but it should also be where they turn for answers for any software question. The worst way to end an on-boarding experience is to feel sold and left in the cold, so make sure you know where to turn for answers after you get up and running.

As with any relationship, your first impressions and experiences with a software set the tone for the rest of your time together. At RoofSnap, we strive to make that process efficient and fun. If you’re looking for a software solution for your roofing business, schedule a demo and experience the difference.  If you’ve got any questions, use the demo link above to get in touch and get them answered!

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