SketchOS: The Best Roof Measurement Service?

There are a lot of measurement services targeting the roofing industry. Some vendors have been at it for years and new ones seem to pop up every day. But no matter the provider, when you order a measurement report from a vendor you’re looking for accuracy, speed, and value. RoofSnap’s Sketch Ordering Service, SketchOS, hits the mark on all three. We’re going to break down why SketchOS is the best roof measurement service in this week’s blog.

SketchOS: The Best Roof Measurement Service

HD Aerial Accuracy

While other measurement report providers boast about “95%” accuracy in their reports, RoofSnap’s software has been able to offer measurements within 1% of the actual roof measurement for years. That jump in accuracy is because RoofSnap offers HD aerial imagery wherever coverage exists. Aerial imagery, captured by surveying aircraft with high-tech cameras, offers clear benefits over the satellite imagery other providers use.

SketchOS reports are measured on HD aerial imagery wherever available, which makes them some of the most accurate reports in the business. Plus, every report comes with full access to the measurement project. That means you can make changes on the fly, and never have to wait for an alteration to your measurements.

Same Day Measurements

Where SketchOS continues to stand out in the market is the speed that measurements are returned. While many other providers still make you wait 24 hours or more for their reports, SketchOS reports are typically returned in 2 to 4 hours. That allows your team the flexibility to order reports for same-day appointments, and can drastically reduce the time between getting a lead and presenting an estimate to the homeowner.
SketchOS reports feed directly into RoofSnap’s estimation platform, so your sales team doesn’t need to worry about switching systems or extra math. If you don’t know about RoofSnap’s simple and powerful estimate-building tools, you can learn more here.

Consistent Value

Pricing has always been a big part of our Sketch Ordering Service’s appeal. Measurements start at just $9 for RoofSnap customers, well below other providers. Full Snaps, which include full area and linear measurements, along with pitch values for every facet, are priced based on roof size. Our Half Snaps, which include a perimeter measurement and predominant pitch, are priced at $9 no matter the size of the structure. Check out a sample of a Full Snap report here.

If you’re looking for faster, more accurate, or more affordable roof measurements, give SketchOS a try! Start a trial of RoofSnap – your first order is free – and experience the convenience, value, and best roof measurement service for yourself.

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