RoofSnap’s 2019 Year in Review

2019 was a year of significant improvements to our software and our SketchOS measuring service. We’ll boil it down to just the highlights and tell you what to expect in 2020 in this week’s blog.

RoofSnap's 2019 Year in Review

Modern, Professional Documents

In the fall of 2019, we started a major project updating the documents that RoofSnap subscribers use to measure, estimate, and sell their jobs. So far, we’ve released new versions of our Sketch Report, Estimate Document, and Comparison Estimate. As we begin 2020, we’ll be releasing new versions of our Material Order, Job Summaries, and Contract documents as well.

Some of our new measurement report's featured changes.

We’re also excited to announce our plan to bring e-signing to the contract documents in RoofSnap. You’ll no longer have to have your customers sign while you’re on-site, or print and leave a paper contract with them. E-signing brings even more flexibility to your sales process, allowing the customer to sign at their leisure, and for you to send ready-to-sign updates if changes are needed. Along with our plan to bring custom documents to the platform, these changes mean RoofSnap subscribers won’t need to rely on expensive third-party document solutions to manage their business in 2020.


SketchOS – Faster Than Ever

When we launched our Sketch Ordering Service just over two years ago, we had no idea how quickly it would take off. (Turns out our subscribers need a lot of takeoffs!) 2019 was SketchOS’s biggest year ever, and we’ve improved and expanded our 2-stage measurement and review process to make our turnaround times faster than ever.


SketchOS measurements have typically returned in 2 to 4 hours, but our records for 2019 show the average turnaround time being less than 2 hours for residential orders. Obviously, our return times vary based on the volume of orders, but we’ll strive to continue this trend of fast, accurate orders that ready when you need them into 2020.

Want to try SketchOS for yourself? Schedule a demo here. Already a RoofSnap subscriber? Click here to order now!

Simple, Speedy Support

In 2019, we launched our newest RoofSnap Resource: Our support site consolidates our video tutorials, text-based walkthroughs, and product announcements in one, convenient place. But that’s not all. You can also chat live with our support team, comment on articles, and create tickets for any issues you have with the software!

As we continue to grow, we want to make sure we meet the needs of all of our customers. We’re planning to bring more live chat resources to our platforms. Any time you need help with RoofSnap, you’ll find it just a click or tap away.

We’re proud of the products we brought to 2019, and we’re so excited to bring even more innovation to the roofing industry in 2020.

Ready for RoofSnap?

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