Remote Measurements: What Are They?

If you’ve seen any advertisements from roofing software providers lately, you’ve probably heard the term “Remote Measurements” thrown around. Since Roofsnap has been in the measurement game for nearly eight years, we thought we’d use this week’s blog to define the term for everyone and dig into the details of how remote work can benefit your business.

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Measurements from Anywhere

So what is a remote measurement? A remote measurement is simply a measurement that you can obtain without being on the job site. This includes measurements from software like RoofSnap, or measurements that you order and have done for you by a service like SketchOS, RoofSnap’s Sketch Ordering Service.

We should mention that you can use RoofSnap to obtain measurements from drone footage as well, but since you’re visiting your site to fly the drone, we wouldn’t call that remote.

How does remote measuring work?

While the technology behind remote measurements has been around for more than a decade, it’s just recently become truly refined. Satellite imagery services have been able to provide scale for ground measurements for a while, but most measurement tools do not take pitch into account. That’s where roofing-focused tools, like RoofSnap, come into play.

By themselves, RoofSnap’s measurement tools can apply scale to the rooflines and facets of the roof diagram, remove redundant measurements, and take overhangs into account. When coupled with HD imagery, our trademarked software can reach a level of accuracy you won’t find anywhere else. We partner with several imagery sources to provide as much coverage of North America as possible, and we’re adding new imagery sources and more recent coverage dates all the time.

How do remote measurements help my business?

It all comes down to saving your business time, money, and risks. Removing the need to schedule a visit just for measuring saves time and gas, and having measurements ready before your appointment can mean more appointments per day! Remote measurements also mean fewer employees up on roofs, ultimately reducing fall-risk and insurance rates.

We hear a lot of companies push back on remote measurements thinking that it means their roof isn’t being properly inspected, but this isn’t the case! Companies that use RoofSnap consistently report that they measure before their site visit, build an estimate, and then conduct the inspection during their appointment to save time. If they run into anything unexpected, like multiple layers of shingles or damaged flashing, they can use RoofSnap to update the roof diagram and generate a new estimate on the spot.

We hope this article helps clear up any confusion about what remote measurements are and how they work. In today’s business disruption, being able to accomplish work off-site is a huge benefit.

We know that for some old-school operations, adding remote technology to your sales process might seem daunting. With RoofSnap you won’t need to worry – we’re here to help you plan it out. Schedule a demo with our team and learn more about how other companies are using RoofSnap and our Sketch Ordering Service, SketchOS, to expedite their sales process.

Thanks for reading, and stay safe out there.

Happy Snapping!

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