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If you were to type “Roofing” into your browser’s search bar right now, your first page would likely be filled with roofing contractors. (Hopefully your own site shows up in there as well.) In fact, it’s not until the second page that you even get to the Wikipedia definition of roofing, which is just a disambiguation page we might add! With that in mind, we’ve set out this week to pass on some of our favorite online roofing resources to you.


Our first resource is As a general forum this site can’t be beat. You’ll find willing respondents for questions ranging from starting your first business to bitumen overlay techniques. It’s not the prettiest site in the world, but it’s got some motivated and experienced users that make visiting well worth your time. If you’re the type to write articles about the industry, or make online videos about your techniques, they’re planning an update to include an archive of online roofing material on the site that you may want to contribute to as well.

Our second go to roofing resource is the Storm Ventures Group Facebook group. Obviously SVG is geared towards storm damage restoration businesses, but anyone can benefit from the sales strategies and techniques that are posted in this group. Like a lot of the roofing groups and forums on Facebook, you will have to answer some questions to gain membership, but this is just to weed out non-industry types from gaining access when they have nothing to contribute. There’s a steady stream of leads being offered around the country (for a price) and also a good amount of people hiring crews and salespeople at any given time. You’ll have to deal with a fair amount of marketing posts in this forum, but that should remind you to get out there and market your business just as fervently.

Storm Venture Group's Facebook Page

Our third resource is Reddit’s industry forum: /R/Roofing. Although a bit contaminated by consumers coming in to ask questions about their ancient house’s roof, or mishandled restoration job, the forum itself is a great place to post pictures, ask questions and generally talk shop with other tech savvy roofers. We love browsing Reddit for posts under a “roofing” search because it inevitably turns up some absolutely terrible installation jobs that never fail to give us a good chuckle.

Reddit's /R/Roofing

Our final online roofing resource (for today) is our own Web App! If you haven’t tried RoofSnap’s Web App yet, you should make that your next click. It brings all the functionality of RoofSnap’s Android and iOS apps to your laptop or desktop, and affords you the ability to sketch your projects with a mouse or trackpad! If you haven’t tried RoofSnap at all, the Web App may be the best place to start, sign-up is quick and easy, there’s an integrated tutorial system, and our YouTube training channels are just a click away.  Your trial with RoofSnap are always free, so there’s no reason not to give it a try, and let us know what you think!

RoofSnap's Web App

There’s obviously an internet full of information out there, and there’s many credible and useful sites that didn’t make this short list. If you’ve got any hidden web gems  that you’d like to share, feel free to leave them in the comments. We’re always looking for new places to connect with the industry and learn new things.

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