New Drone Regulations for Roofing Contractors

The new FAA rules governing small unmanned aircraft (Drone Regulations) for commercial use are finally here! 

Roofing contractors will now have fewer and less costly hoops to jump through before implementing drones into their arsenal of roof measuring tools for aerial roof measurements & roof inspections. (Using RoofSnap, of course.)

Here are a few bullet points on the new rules…

  • UAS Drone Pilots will be required to pass an initial aeronautical knowledge test. (Previous rules required an actual pilot’s license!)
  • Must fly within visual line of sight 
  • Daylight & twilight operations allowed
  • Maximum altitude of 400 feet above ground level


Be sure to check out the details at

or download the PDF at

Stay tuned for more videos on measuring & estimating roofs using drones & RoofSnap. A high-res drone image combined with intuitive roofing software creates accurate drone roof measurements. We’ll be releasing info & pricing on our favorite drones & discounted packages soon. In the meantime, visit our friends at for more drone info. Logo.png

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