How We’re Networking now

We’re more connected now than ever. If you’re reading this blog, it may have come to you from our subscription emails, from one of our company’s social media posts, or our personal linked in pages. That’s a lot of outlets, especially for a small blog about roofing software. But how should businesses make the most of today’s interconnectivity?AdobeStock_105568884

Despite all these contemporary connections, reaching your clients effectively is still a challenge. Digital advertising drives clicks, but when your potential customer doesn’t have a genuine connection with your company, they may be less inclined to complete the conversion process.

At RoofSnap, we find that reaching out with digital marketing for first contact, and following up with clients personally, through a phone call or an email, to be the best way to build a genuine connection. A short conversation with a customer early in that establishes their needs and shows how your business meets them can save them time and frustration, and may save you a client.

We’ve also had a lot of success with our monthly live webinar series. It’s a time for us to update our subscribers and users about new features and enhancements as well as field any questions they might have. The connection that we feel with our attendees and that they feel with us bridges the digital divide in a very real way.

Direct mail campaigns can be an effective, but expensive way to get around the email inbox and straight into customer’s offices. Crafting materials that make it from the mailbox, past the waste basket onto the desired desk is a challenge that is best met with creativity. What is going to catch the eye of the intended recipient, and once opened, what information do you present that will keep them thinking about your company?

We love the ideas showcased in this video, eye-catching imagery with concise messaging seems to be the best bet. And those principles should be kept in mind for social media posts as well. Modern attention spans aren’t getting longer after all. Some of our best performing marketing videos are only fifteen seconds in length, and concentrate on one idea. That’s certainly not enough time to communicate all of our features, but if keeps us in the customer’s mind, it’s done its job.

We hope this post gets you thinking about how you’re networking and marketing your company in today’s environment, and we’d love to hear about your experiences and ideas! Comment here or on any of our social accounts, we’ll toss you a like and a follow back!

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