How Roofers Can Use Text Messaging to Improve the Customer Experience

Learn how your roofing business can start using text messaging, a major marketing channel, to successfully connect with clients and improve the customer experience.

In a world where everyone wishes people would get off their phones, it turns out that by spending more time texting, roofers can extend their reach with prospective and existing customers and drive customer satisfaction. In fact, sources show that 78% of Americans wish they could have a conversation with a business via text, making it a no-brainer that you should be leveraging text messaging at your roofing company.


Leveraging Text Messaging as a Roofer

By using text messaging at your roofing business, you can better stay in touch with your customers and engage with them throughout their entire buying journey – something that will undoubtably improve their experience with your business. So how can you, the smart roofer, actually incorporate text messaging into your sales process? Consider the following:

  • Lead Nurturing

While email and phone calls are certainly two powerful ways to follow up with your leads, text messaging can help you relay short messages and share quick bits of information with potential customers. And if you really want to win bonus points, try sharing material that proves how your company can solve a pain point for that homeowner. For example, if the client noted that they’re struggling to find a quote that works within their budget, send them information on the payment plans and financing options that you offer. Not only will this stand out from the gobs of emails flooding their inbox, but it will also show the homeowner that you care about their concerns.

  • Appointment Confirmations

If confirming sales appointments over the phone is resulting in more voicemails than actual human contact, it may be the best move for your business to start confirming via text to reduce no-shows. Plus, research shows that millennials prefer text messages to voicemails, so if that age group is a part of your target market it’s crucial you keep their preferences in mind.

Additionally, when you integrate a text messaging service, like Podium, with an industry-specific CRM system, like MarketSharp or improveit 360, any appointment confirmations you receive via text will automatically translate to your CRM system, saving you from having to manually enter that information!

  • Project Updates

Nobody likes to feel like they’re in the dark during a home remodeling project, and text messaging can help ensure that you’re keeping the homeowner in the loop regarding any updates or delays as soon as possible. Just make sure that you limit the updates to need-to-know information – you don’t want to spam your customer with texts every time a new shingle gets added to the roof!

  • Generating Referrals

After a project has been completed, you should always, always, always reach out to thank the customer and ask them for referrals. And while referral emails campaigns can be effective if done right, text messaging simply has been proven to have a higher open rate and response rate. Several sources have even reported text messaging open and response rates that are as high as 98% and 45%, respectively – compared to 20% and 6% for email. That said, if referrals are a key source of new business for your roofing company, using text messaging may be the best way to obtain more of them.

Just like text messaging can improve the customer experience, a roofing software, like RoofSnap, can also deliver a better buying experience for your customers. With benefits including remote, accurate roof measurements that are ready in minutes, to reduced-site visits, to customized digital estimates, customers can rest assured they are dealing with a true professional.

And while RoofSnap’s platform itself doesn’t offer text messaging, it’s important to remember that texting is just the bow on top of a smooth business process, and RoofSnap can offer you all the features you need to run a seamless sales process – from start to finish. The best part? You can try a free trial of RoofSnap to see it’s features in action before you buy!

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