Finding Help for your Business Software

We live in a world where there’s a software solution for almost everything. But what about when your problem is with the software? That’s when you need to know where to go for answers. In this post, we’re sharing our advice on getting support for the software your business uses.

Go Straight to the Source

The first place to turn for support with any software is the company providing it. Whenever you commit yourself or your company to using a software tool, make sure you do your due diligence and find out how to get follow-up help once the sales process is over. Ideally, the provider will have a dedicated support team, with the ability to handle problems over the phone, through email, and any other medium their customers require. Some will even have a knowledge base, where you can search for the answers to questions yourself. If you find yourself working with a company that lacks support infrastructure, make sure you hold on to your salesperson’s email and phone number. They’re your ticket to getting your issue fixed.

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You can schedule training with our friendly support team all week long!

Find a Forum

Crowdsource your next question!

One of our favorite parts of the Roofing Industry is how everyone works together to solve their issues. Take a look at the forums on,, or Reddit’s R/Roofing and you’ll find plenty of shared advice, and some good-natured ribbing as well.

If you’re looking for good advice on software, and tips on how others are using it effectively, finding a good industry forum can yield results. Don’t expect fast answers from a forum, however. Most quality posters are busy with their own jobs during the day, but you’ll benefit from the community experience if you can stand the wait.

See for Yourself

In our years in the software business, we’ve found that showing is often better than telling when it comes to solving our customers’ issues. Searching for video tutorials on the software you’re having trouble with may be the best way to quickly work through the problem that you’re seeing. We curate a library of tutorials and walkthroughs on our YouTube channel and use tools that allow us to send personalized video messages to our subscribers to address their problems. Having a video that you can pause and rewind as necessary is a big benefit when dealing with a complicated issue.

You don’t have to go anywhere to get your answers, our online tutorials bring them to you!

As technology continues to improve and solve more of our problems, we’re sure that it’s going to create some issues of its own. Being a savvy software user, and knowing where to find help when you need it will help you experience the benefits of using technology, without throwing your computer out the window.

If you’re in the market for a roofing software, we’d like for you to experience RoofSnap’s stellar customer service for yourself! Schedule a demo, drop us a line, or peruse our always-available help center! If you’ve had a good experience with our team already, leave us a note in the comments, we love to pass on praise to our team. Thanks, as always, for reading!

Happy Snapping!

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