Create Your Own Roof Measurement Report

Create Your Own Roof Measurement Report:

You may have wondered if there is a better way to create a roof measurement report that costs less than what your roofing company is currently spending. Here at RoofSnap, we would like to show you how.

RoofSnap Max
RoofSnap Max allows you to create a project, interface with Google Maps, Apple Maps, and nearmap aerial imagery, and create a sketch of a roof to scale. Once the sketch, pitches, and labels are in, the app can generate a PDF roof measurement report. Draw an accurate sketch and you will have an accurate measurement report.

Step 1: Go to

Schedule a demo with our team.


Step 2: Download

Download RoofSnap Max from the iOS App store.


Step 3: Login

Login to the RoofSnap App with your encrypted login name and password.


Step 4: Create Sketch

Create your first project and start sketching. Call the RoofSnap customer support line if you need any help getting started.



Step 5: Measurement Report

Create a measurement report document from your completed project as a PDF saved to the cloud that you can email directly from your ios device.



The cost is pennies on the dollar when compared to other roof measurement report providers and you have your measurements immediately, without the wait. RoofSnap can also create roofing estimates, contracts, material order sheets, and more. Come see us at

Happy Snapping!

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