3 Technologies that Roofing Companies Need

The year is 2021, and technology is now an integral part of every aspect of our lives. That includes the roofing trade, where nails have been holding down asphalt shingles relatively unchanged since 1903. As a technology company, RoofSnap has seen a lot of trends come and go in our 10 years in the roofing industry. This week, we’ll use our experience to suggest 3 technologies that every roofing company needs – no matter their size.

3 Technologies that Roofing Companies Need

Lead Generation Technology

We’ll start with one of the most important technologies you’ll need to grow your business, lead generation. If you want a steady influx of new customers, you can’t leave it up to chance. And we don’t want to overcomplicate what we’re talking about here, lead generation technology can be anything that brings leads into your business. That being said, there are many options in this space. 

There are lead generation companies that gather lists of potential customers and sell them with various fee structures, but we prefer a system that your company controls. Our friends at Market Hardware specialize in just that. They offer help optimizing your website to gather leads, as well as managing your social media, targeted ads, and customer reviews to generate a steady flow of sales opportunities to your business. If you’re serious about growing your business, you should look at what Market Hardware has to offer.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management software or CRMs are a must-have piece of technology, especially for businesses looking to grow. CRMs allow you to gather information on leads and customers, track their communications with your sales team, and manage their pre and post-purchase experience to ensure quality and encourage repeat business. Some CRMs even allow you to take payments!

There are many different CRM software providers out there, one of our favorites is MarketSharp. Their software is specifically designed for home improvement professionals, and their features and pricing plans can meet the needs of businesses of any size. Check out their products here!

Remote Roof Measurement and Estimation Software

Last year’s challenges made it clear that all businesses needed to be able to operate remotely, in whatever capacity they can. Obviously, roofs cannot be installed by crews working from home, but the roofing sales process can indeed be done virtually. Even after social distancing guidelines are eased, remote roof measurement software can save your business time and money on trips to the job site.

RoofSnap takes remote measurement software even further, by allowing our users to create fast estimates based on their remote roof measurements. That means your sales team can arrive at sales meetings with an estimate in hand, and after an inspection and conversation with the homeowner, quote them a price without having to head back to the office. Closing deals in a single visit will allow your team to outperform the competition, and grow your business even more. 

If you’d like to take RoofSnap for a spin, you can start a free trial here!

Today we focused on software technologies that roofing companies need to grow, but it is far from an exhaustive list. If you have any tech that you think roofers should be aware of, leave us a comment below! If you have any questions about the technology we discussed today or about RoofSnap’s software offerings, contact our team at Hello@RoofSnap.com, they’re happy to help.

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