2020 – The Year of The One Call Close

Though the advantages of the “One Call Close” are up for debate, it’s still a desirable outcome for all parties involved. Getting the job underway faster helps the homeowner get to the value that they’re paying for, and you or your sales team don’t have to worry about managing a long pipeline of leads. With that in mind, we put together a simple list to help prepare your sales process to land more sales on the first appointment.OneCallClose-Header

Be Prepared

It’s so simple that it’s almost not worth saying, but preparedness is what makes or breaks any sales situation. We’re not talking about being in the right mindset, on your A-game, or making sure your hats on straight. (Though all of that is important.) We’re talking about having the information you need to present your bid to the homeowner quickly and accurately.

How to measure a roof in 2020Want to talk your customers through their home’s measurements? 

We tell our customers to get their estimates constructed with RoofSnap before they head to their appointments. Now you might say: “Josh, how can I build an estimate without having inspected the roof?” That’s a great question. With RoofSnap, measuring remotely is simple, you can do it yourself from High Definition imagery, or you can order if from our SketchOS service, and they’ll do it for you. After you’ve finished with your measurements, you can use RoofSnap’s built-in Estimation platform to build your bid with your product list. The measurements will be applied to the appropriate products with no extra math.

But what if you find some damage during your inspection? That leads us to our next point.

Jason InspectionPin

Use RoofSnap to photograph your inspection process and tag items to your estimates!

Be Flexible

We preach flexibility in your sales process a lot. In our age, people are used to being able to change their minds at any point in the buying process. If you don’t have a flexible sales process, you may lose your customer or miss out on additional revenue.

With RoofSnap, if you discover something like a collapsing chimney or a broken pipe boot, you can document it, and pin replacement parts and services to your roof measurement report, turning it into an inspection report! Anything you pin to the roof will also show up automatically in your estimates, so even if you prepared it earlier, the items you add during the inspection would show up too!


Help choosy homeowners make their decisions with flexible estimates

If your customer is the wishy-washy type or wants more options, you could let them go price out options with your competitors. A better course of action would be:

  • Give them options with your business.
  • Walk through their needs and concerns with them.
  • Offer a good-better-best style list of estimates, and discuss the pros and cons of each.

The above practices should help build a consensus between you and your customer about what they really want to see in your proposal.

If you build an estimate to their liking, you don’t want to fumble the next step, so…

Be One Step Ahead

Blog - What do you need in an Estimate?-2-1-1

Your customer does not want to hear you have to go back to the office to get a contract, or even see you printing an agreement in your truck. They want to know that once they agree to your proposal, the wheels begin turning on getting their work done.

When you build estimates with RoofSnap, your material order is constructed at the same time, which means as soon as your roofing contract is signed (which you can also do in the app) you can be sending your order to your production department or supplier. Make sure to mention the fact that production’s already underway before you leave. Communicating that the job is already being in progress goes a long way to prevent any buyer’s remorse after a quick sales process.

Whether you prefer a more nurturing sales process with your customers or strive to sell on the first appointment, we think preparedness, flexibility, and proactive action will help improve both the efficiency and the effectiveness of your sales process. We also think our software is a great platform to promote and support those changes in your company. If you have any questions about RoofSnap or how our customers have improved their workflows with our software, email us at Hello@RoofSnap.com or check out our features and schedule a demo to experience it yourself!

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