What are the best tech investments for roofing companies in 2018?

There are many roofing contractor software products available on the market, but it’s not always easy to know which solutions are worth an investment. To manage profitability, you need to ensure that you receive a good return on investment for any tech purchase you make. Here are some of the best software solutions for today’s roofing professionals. WebApp

Job Nimbus is a sales and project management tool that tracks leads, manages contacts, jobs and tasks, and offers secure, cloud-based data storage. Job Nimbus allows you to customize your workflow, build estimates and invoices, and both collaborate and share with subcontractors and customers. Joe Nimbus can help you more easily deliver projects on time and within budget.

Company Cam allows you to manage your work in the field with smart photos. Roofing contractors are often on the go and visiting multiple sites each day. This tool allows contractors to take photos that automatically sync to the right job. Smart Photos can help in writing bids, coordinating with crews, and handling customer disputes. Company Cam encourages better communication without returning to the job site!

Sales Rabbit is a fully customizable customer relationship management software that streamlines the sales process, which can result in increased revenue. The system’s primary functionalities include a focus on inspiring your team, maximizing contacts, reducing wasted time, and increasing your team’s sales mastery.

RoofSnap can accurately measure a roof in the shortest amount of time. How long does it take? Most people can sketch a 30 SQ roof in 5 minutes. Simple roofs can be completed in less than 2 minutes. 80+ SQ cut-up roofs can take 10-15 minutes. The measurements are automatically calculated and dynamically feed to the estimating platform in RoofSnap, where you can quickly add templates configured with your preferred materials and your pricing. Add on-site photos of damage or needed improvements and price those services into your estimate! Create Good, Better, Best style estimates in minutes and have the customer digitally sign the contract right on your mobile device or in the web app.

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