Selling Roofs With Our New Measurement Report

If there’s one thing roofing contractors don’t need, it’s more advice on selling. Any google search on the subject will return a jumbled mess of lists, guides, e-books, and YouTube videos, not to mention expensive seminars on the subject. At RoofSnap, we prefer to concentrate on giving you tools that make your sales process easier, and our latest addition is our New Sketch Report. We’re going to take a look at the new report and talk about its most sellable features.

Give them a new view

If your company has a drone, or you’ve flown one on your own, you know the power of showing homeowners their house from the air. Most people will have googled their residence at one point or another, but there’s something about high-quality aerial images that are more captivating than the fuzzy, satellite views offered by Google Maps and the like. RoofSnap has been offering HD imagery from our partners since 2016, and our SketchOS reports are always measured on the highest quality imagery available.

Selling jobs with a measurement report

To show off this imagery, and give our report a wow-factor, we include this HD imagery on the report’s cover page. Homeowners that are wary of salespeople, and most are, will at least take a second look at the detailed image of their home, and that gives you a chance to discuss their roof in more detail too.

Put your company (logo) first

Whether it’s your polo, your truck, or your measurement report, your branding should be present whenever you’re interacting with a customer. Homeowners are approached by companies offering myriad services, and you need to do whatever you can to make your company stand out. RoofSnap places your company’s logo, along with your sales team’s contact info, front and center on all of our documents. Check out this quick tutorial on uploading your logo to your account.

Selling jobs with a measurement report-2

Hash out the details

One thing that homeowners appreciate from a salesperson is actionable information about their property. That doesn’t mean you should leave a measurement report with them to offer to other contractors. It is, however, an opportunity to prove your proficiency and knowledge while establishing yourself as a trusted source of information. That’s a good place to be.

Our new report includes accurate roof measurements, a dynamic waste table, pitch breakdown, and three diagrams. All that detail will give you plenty of chances to discuss the intricacies of the property with the homeowner. (If you want to impress them even more, use our built-in estimation platform to generate estimates from your measurements in no time!)

If you have questions about our new report, contact our team at or leave them in the comments below! If you’re not a RoofSnap customer and would like to get your hands on our new report, schedule a demo! If you’re a current subscriber, you can order a new report right now. If you’ve already ordered one, leave us some feedback on the document below, and let us know how you’re using it to sell your projects better!

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