RoofSnap’s Coronavirus Plan

The global pandemic of COVID-19 is impacting everything from basketball to beer sales. As we see convention cancellation emails roll in, and watch the ever-growing numbers of confirmed cases, we wanted to assure you, our customers, that we have a plan in place, and will be maintaining normal operations through the pandemic.Generic Announcement Blog Header

RoofSnap’s CoronaVirus Plan

If you’ve been following the reactions of companies like Microsoft or Amazon, you’ll know that many tech companies have asked their employees to work remotely during the pandemic to keep transmission rates down. In Ohio, where we’re headquartered, the Governor has gone so far as to lay out plans to ban sports crowds and other mass gatherings.

RoofSnap is fortunate in that both our software and our infrastructure is cloud-based, so our employees can work remotely without any changes to our services. Even when we work from home, you’ll get an answer to your email, a response to your support ticket, and a friendly voice on the phone. We’ve also made sure that the services that support our work, our imagery providers, web services, and software partners, also have plans to continue operating during the pandemic.

One change to note, we have cleared our trade show calendar for the foreseeable future. Once the viral situation is under control, and travel restrictions lifted, we’ll resume our attendance at industry events. Until then, you can always see our smiling faces during online demos and on our YouTube channel.

Using RoofSnap Remotely

If your office is asking employees to work remotely as well, it’s worth noting that your RoofSnap account is accessible wherever you have internet access. Your company can make edits to projects, update material pricing, and share documents with all of the users on your account. RoofSnap allows you to get your measurements remotely as well. If homeowners are a little skittish about setting up in-home appointments, you can allay their fears by offering them an estimate over the phone.

You can also order your measurements done for you by our SketchOS service. Even when there’s not a pandemic, our team measures roofs all day with some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry. Save your “self-quarantine” time for something fun, and order your next project from us!

Guy Measuring in Bed
You can order SketchOS measurements from your bed, but please put on some pants if you’ve scheduled a demo.

If you’re new to RoofSnap, or are looking for a remote solution, our online demos are a great way to learn how to use the software without leaving your desk. Whether you want to learn to sketch measurements faster, customize your inspection pins, or add new shingles to your account; we’re happy to teach you. Online demos aren’t limited to the RoofSnap Web App. Our team is delighted to show you how to use RoofSnap on your iPad or your Android device as well. 

Sales with Demo

One of our company goals is to make our customer’s lives safer and easier. We never envisioned a situation like the current pandemic but we are proud that our software can help our industry continue to operate and provide vital services to their communities. Call us or schedule a demo if you have questions about how RoofSnap can help your company take its sales process online and operate remotely.

Stay safe, everyone! And as always…

Happy Snapping!

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