Roofing Apps for Contractors in The Residential and Commercial Roofing Industry

In the residential and commercial roofing industry, as in most industries, companies need to deliver the best quality work at reasonable prices. Customers are better educated today than ever and demand that the value equation between high quality services and price be balanced. Mobile roofing apps have emerged as valuable tools for roofing specialists to meet customer demands and improve their businesses. These tools are accurate, quick, and cost-effective.

Improve Your Efficiency on Site

No matter what your specialty is within the roofing industry, every roofing job will be different. You must have the ability to customize each job to properly analyze the existing project and provide the right solution within the customer’s available budget. Every job has details that require specific knowledge so that you can address the needs and concerns of your customer.

The right roofing contractor software allows you to have all of the necessary details without wasting your time or the customers money.

A recent survey revealed that more than one-third of respondents in the construction industry used more than five mobile apps in their business in 2014. 23% said they had used ten or more. 61% of these apps were used for inspections, 49% for work orders, and 31% for checklists. These numbers have only increased in the last three years.

The main categories of online roofing apps include:

● Roof measuring software such as RoofSnap

● Pitch finder apps such as Roof Pitch Factor and RoofSnap

● Estimating platforms such as RoofSnap

● Project management apps such as Job Nimbus

If you need a practical tool for use in the field that reduces costs and provides the level of detail needed for communication with your customers, there is a solution for you. Mobile apps designed for the construction and roofing industry can boost productivity and increase customer satisfaction.

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