Mile-High Hail

If you’re in the roofing industry and subscribe to any nation-wide social-media groups, you’ve probable seen pictures of the hail that’s been pounding Colorado over the past week. Hell, even if you’re a social media hermit you’ve probably seen the golf-ball sized ice balls on your local news channel.


Hail can be a boon for those in the restoration business, and it means more work for those of you in the insurance adjustment industry as well, but while it can be a money maker for the trades, it is stressful for everyone else in the affected area. When the destructive ice orbs are accompanied by other symptoms of severe weather, as they so often are, things can quickly become tragic.

Providing help, restoring normalcy, and repairing customer’s homes after severe weather events is one of the most edifying parts of being in the restoration trade. Streamlining your estimation process is vital to getting contracts signed and your crews on the job as quickly as possible.

If you or someone in your company is headed to Colorado to help clean up after this week’s storms, make sure you go prepared. Hail report maps are an important tool for your sales team. Knowing ahead of time who the major insurers in the area that you’ll be working with is as important as finding your crew’s accommodations. All this preparation can be stressful and time consuming, and that’s BEFORE your sales team even gets to work!

After major storm events, competition in the affected area can be stiff. Bringing a measurement report to the inspection, and even an estimate generated from that report, can help build confidence in your client, allow you to spend less time measuring, and spend more time selling your job.  RoofSnap’s software can help turn neighborhood canvassing into sold jobs quickly, and our SketchOS service makes it even easier to keep your salespeople busy selling, not measuring. Check out our pricing page and see how affordable our service is compared to other Measurement Report services, we know you’ll be impressed

And of course, if you have questions on how RoofSnap can help your restoration company be at its most efficient this season, get in touch with us, we’ve got as many ideas as Denver cars have dents!

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