How Accurate Are Online Roofing Estimators and Tools?

Technology has transformed the roofing industry in the last five years. Roofing apps help contractors to:

  • Make accurate measurements
  • Generate more complete estimates
  • Schedule more appointments
  • Sell more jobs

There are many variables that impact the accuracy of mobile roof measuring and estimating software. However, recent developments and innovations have reduced the impact of these variables.

What About Price? 

As with almost everything in life, what you pay for is what you get. If the mobile roof measuring and estimating software you are considering seems too inexpensive, it might not have the options and flexibility that you need. Accurate roof measuring and estimating apps need not be expensive, though. Consider the following:

  • The best way to determine if an app is right for your company is to see it before you buy. (Speaking of, schedule a demo if you’d like to see RoofSnap in action.)
  • Look for pricing plans based on per-user pricing.
  • Look for deals where longer-term contracts substantially reduce the month-to-month cost.

Are These Tools Easy to Use?  

As with most technology, you must invest time in training your team in order to get the best results from the software. If your team is not properly trained, the results could be misleading or even incorrect. Everyone should understand the benefits of the software and know how to use it properly.

A Winning Combination 

A software development company that has a sound history and years of experience in the roofing industry will develop products grounded in real-world situations. This will yield better results for your team and for your customers.

Roofing software and mobile apps are practical tools that can lead to improved performance in the field. The right tools can boost productivity and increase customer satisfaction.

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