Green roof design – for eco-friendly living

As a roofing contractor, you may already be installing eco-friendly or ‘green’ roofs. But as eco-minded millenials move into the housing market, you may want to consider offering even more ‘green’ options in your estimates.  A ‘green roof’ can refer to:

  • The installation of solar panels, or
  • Sustainable construction materials, or
  • ‘Vegetative’ roofs.


Roofing product manufacturers will generally provide installation guidelines for their products. Here we’re going to focus on design considerations related to vegetative roofs. Below is a list of the top things that you should keep in mind when constructing a roof for clients who are interested in a vegetative roof project:

  • Extensive vs. Intensive Planting Schemes

If your client is interested in an intensive planting scheme, then you will need to ensure that the roof can handle the weight load across the roof. The plants in an extensive planting scheme are usually spread out further, which means that the structural loading of the roof can be lighter. Discuss the types of plants as well as the planting scheme that your client desires.

Click here for a more in-depth look at these schemes, and some good examples.

  • Walkways For Servicing

More often than not, a green roof will have to be equipped with specific machinery that will need to be maintained. Be sure to include a walkway in your roof design so that the machinery and irrigation system can be accessed. You don’t want your ‘green’ roof to become a brown one!

  • Drains And Waterproofing

Drains will have to be installed on the roof. A waterproofing membrane must be installed as well. Multi-layer reinforced bitumen, liquid applied roofing, singleply membranes, and hot melt structural waterproofing products are available to ensure that water doesn’t leak into the building.

  • Aerial Roof Measurement

RoofSnap is a roofing app that can accurately calculate all roof measurements for you. Not only will this make the entire roofing process more efficient, but it will also make the process safer and hassle-free. And as you add green materials to your offerings , you can input your pricing and offer your clients eco-friendly options in your estimates, generated in-app!

Green roofs can be a huge asset to a property. Not only do green roofs provide environmental and economic benefits, but they can also improve a building’s energy rating. Contact us to find out how RoofSnap can help you estimate beautiful green roofs.

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