3 Award-Winning Roofing Projects to Inspire You!

We’re always impressed by the amazing roofs that architects design and roofing contractors bring to life. Here are 3 award-winning roofing projects to inspire you:RoofSnap Technology.jpeg

  1. Quintain House

This project won the Roof of The Year at the 2017 UK Roofing Awards. Quintain House is a unique two-bedroom house in rural Gloucestershire. The roof showcases expansive swept curves, which is one of the most complex projects that the roofing contractors have seen in their careers.

Architects Kirkland Fraser Moor (Design Architect), John Phipps (Project Architect), and roofing contractor Rowlands Roofing used a mix of craftsmanship and innovation to create the swept curves of this striking roof made up of 60,000 hand cut clay tiles. The team had to work patiently and diligently to bring the complex roofing sub-structure and the vision of the architects to life. Read more about the Quintain House project.

  1. Macallan Distillery Extension

The Macallan Distillery has been producing whisky since 1824 in the heart of the Scottish Highlands. Architect Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners designed a modular building with an undulating green roof that is composed of a timber grid-structure and accommodates a sky garden with expression channels. The impressive green roof system, combined with the irregular shape and scale of the roof, led to this project receiving the Green Roof of the Year Award at the UK Roofing Awards. Read more about the Macallan Distillery roofing project.

  1. Fleet Bank House

The Fleet Bank House is an 11 story building that was constructed in 1964. The building’s roof is packed with plant and ductwork that can’t be altered or moved, leading to a lack of open space. This necessitated intricate planning by the architects and roofing team alike. Instead of installing a more conventional cold applied liquid system, the design and construction team chose a Reinforced Bitumen Membrane. Not only did this turn out to be a more affordable solution, but it also made the roof more robust. Find out more about the Fleet Bank House roofing project.

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