How to Get Started with Roofing Software

As the country thaws from a record-shattering winter storm last month, many roofing companies are starting their annual search for tools and software to help them handle business this year. Without the help of in-person trade shows that generally kick off the roofing season, you may be stuck wondering where to turn for advice on how to get started with roofing software. We thought we’d offer a quick explainer of how to shop for software for your business, and how to get started when you find the right provider.

Ask for A Trial

Simply put, the best way to see if any software will work for your company is to try it. Sitting in on a demo with a new software provider is helpful, especially when you’re in the early stages of shopping. But once you have a clear idea of what features your business is looking for, you’ll want to get hands-on with your candidates. 

When you’re shopping for software, ask if they provide a trial period. Most providers offer some sort of limited trial, and those that don’t may be able to open a demo account to you at the very least. RoofSnap offers a trial with virtually no limits – you can create as many projects as you’d like, generate documents, and even order a free measurement from our in-house measurement service.

Looking for software to streamline your roofing business? Start a trial of RoofSnap

Test on a Real Job

If you have an active trial of a software, you should put it to work. One of the best ways to put any tool through its paces is to see how it performs in the field. RoofSnap can streamline a roofing job from start to finish, so you should use it on a job from start to finish! If you’re testing a measurement software, use it to measure a job you have known measurements for and compare the accuracy. If you’re looking for something to manage your production paperwork, use it to generate a measurement order and send it to your supplier. It sounds obvious, but this is the simplest way to make sure a new software will work for your business.

Ask About Onboarding

If you’re purchasing a subscription or license to any software, you’ll want to ask about onboarding. Onboarding is the process of setting up your account and training you and anyone else at your company on how to use the software. You’ll want to take full advantage of any onboarding services because it will ensure that your team uses the software correctly, and make sure you see a return on your investment. Some companies put limits on onboarding support, but RoofSnap offers unlimited training during trial and subscription, so you’re never left wanting more.

If 2020’s challenges taught us anything, it’s that businesses need to be ready to pivot in the face of unexpected events. Software plays a big role in giving businesses flexibility in their operations and boosting the power of smaller teams. If you need more advice on how to get started with roofing software or have questions about RoofSnap’s tools, visit today!

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